Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 17-004

Type of Surrender: Reugio Franciscan Animal Shelter – Mexico City

Status: Available

Age: 6

Weight: 51

Ned Nederlander (aka Zazon) is one of the three beautiful goldens known as "The Three Amigos" that GRR brought in through a partnership with a Mexico City shelter. They were named after the three amigos from the movie of the same name. Besides Ned, we have Dusty Bottoms and Happy Day. NOTE: The Mexico City Goldens have an increased adoption fee.

Personality: Just like any other Golden rescued from a shelter, there was not a lot of information about Ned when he came to GRR. But the most obvious thing about him at first glance is that he is a very handsome hombre. His foster family is quickly seeing past those good looks and watching him develop into a wonderful dog. When words like “good”, “calm”. “happy” and “adorable” are quickly being applied to a newcomer, what more can you ask for?

Ned plays well with other dogs and was amazingly quick to pick up on leash walking. In fact, it took only two walks and Ned was watching his foster mom to be sure he kept pace with her. He makes a great walking partner and that may carry over to running as well.

Ned can go from wide awake and happy to sound asleep and snoring in the blink of an eye, mastering that typical Golden spread eagle, belly up position. What a better indicator that he is trusting and content in his foster home! He's been told he needs to gain about 8 pounds so Ned is happily obliging by eating fast and furiously. This brave boy had no problems with our last bout of thunderstorms.

Ideal Home: Ned would thrive in a forever family that is quiet and calm with someone  at home most of the day. He currently gets a bit anxious when he’s “home alone”, which will likely subside with time, but he would be totally in heaven if a family member were there to hang out with him and cuddle with him a good part of the day. Of course, his new family also needs to be willing to put in the time to continue his training.

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