Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 22-049

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn In

Status: Available

Age: 7-1/2 mos

Weight: 60ish

Personality: Nash is a long-legged handsome young fella who is 80% golden retriever and 20% poodle, hence he is a Goldendoodle.. His foster family says he is just a big goof ball. He’s bouncy and silly and doesn’t realize how big he is.

Around children and even adults when he gets over his initial puppy exuberance he just wants to be held, loved, and petted. Then he gets nice and calm and happy. He might be better with older children who aren’t so easy for the big galloot to knock over. He noses visitors to make sure he gets his pets. He’s a big baby and his foster family is working hard on his manners.

Nash plays well with other dogs but his young-dog exuberance can get little rough…again an example of his youth and size. The family dog is helping teach him where his boundaries are. Nash has had no cat exposure yet. He’s pretty good in the car but takes some time to find his comfy spot. However, he was just happy to be with the family in the van.

It doesn’t seem as though Nash has had much leash training because he likes to pull. He’ll get there, though, with patience and training.

Nash loves to play catch with the ball and does bring it back. With ropes or toys he'd just as soon play with by himself. He hasn’t shown any interest in getting into the family pool yet.

In the house those long legs put his nose conveniently at nose level, so he sniffs everything.He is also a big beggar. When he wants to play, his puppy energy gets going and he can get pretty rowdy so the family takes him outside to get the zoomies out of his system. Mostly he just wants to be loved and petted with intermittent bouts of puppy play. He has very good manners and doesn’t try to get on the furniture (unless of course someone is sitting down, and he tries to crawl into a lap!

Foster mom stays up late and Nash isn’t quite sleeping through the night yet. He’s been known to have a play spurt in the wee hours of the night.

Overall, his energy level high and he just loves attention. He’s interested in everything and just wants to be with his people. He’s very affectionate and a snuggle bug. He’s learning to be a better listener, learning when play time should stop and to listen to the older dogs.

Ideal Home: Nash definitely needs an active home with lots of family members to give him oodles of attention. He would do well with a home with another dog who is energetic and is willing to play a lot.  Nash would benefit from expending his energy with nice long walks early morning or late evening when it’s cooler outside and food puzzle toys for mental exercise ---- remember, mental stimulation wears a dog out almost as much as physical exercise.

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