Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 20-032

Type of Surrender: Copperas Cove Animal Shelter

Status: Available

Age: 1-2

Weight: 56

Montana was picked up by the Copperas Cove Animal Shelter with her buddy Tundra.  When our GRR volunteer went to the shelter to meet Tundra, she also met Montana.  We took Tundra but our volunteer kept thinking about Montana as she was sweet, beautiful, has Golden-like feathers and pantaloons and most of all, has a Golden personality.  While we don’t know Montana’s pedigree, we do know that she’s 100% sweet, loves people and other dogs and is filled with Golden exuberance.

Personality: Just look at those eyes and that face! Adorable doesn't even come close to describing Montana. She is a good girl and has had only one accident in the house. She sleeps right through the night without having to get up and go outside. She eats in her crate with the door unlatched but has not graduated to sleeping in there or staying in there when no one is home except for the family dog. She’s not been destructive at all when left alone.

Montana has not met any children or cats but is great with the little dachshund that lives in the home. She follows him everywhere, trying to get him to play by barking, play bowing, and hopping. She does well in the car and overall is learning to become a good leash walker with a little bit of pulling. She retrieves sometimes, but usually doesn’t bring it back. Instead Montana jumps on the couch to play with it and shake it around. She will give it up when asked, however.

Around the house Montana will take an occasional peek on the kitchen counter and loves to put her paws up on the bathroom counter to look at her cute self in the mirror. She doesn’t beg and is respectful when the family is preparing their own meals. Most of the day she sleeps on the couch or on the floor while the family works from home. She’s young, so does get an occasional burst of energy that needs redirecting with toys and personal attention.

During thunderstorms, she stays close and may get startled by a clap of thunder. She is much calmer than the little dachshund. Montana sleeps through the night, occasionally even in her foster folks’ bed.

In conclusion, Montana is overall a big fur ball of love, very sweet and cuddly without a mean bone in her body. She is calm, picking up on the calm energy in the home. She’s so smart and eager to learn. She already knows sit, down, shake, come and stay is getting close!

Ideal Home:  Montana would do best in a home where someone can be home with her a good part of the time. She sometimes gets a little separation anxiety, so having company would be to her benefit, as would another dog. She loves people and a high traffic home would be fine. She needs lots of things to keep her busy. But most importantly, Montana needs a home where everyone enjoys cuddling and kisses.

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