Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 23-102

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn In

Status: Available

Age: 4

Personality: Big ole Milo has been with a foster family for about 3 weeks now and is getting to know the ropes. He is the sweetest big lummox, but definitely does not understand how big he is. Despite his size, he is determined to be a lap dog in a home where there are no laps big enough for him. With this in mind, Milo will assuredly be on a diet with losing forty-five pounds as his goal.

Milo is reliably housetrained. He does not use a crate because he is just way too big for it. He hasn’t been left alone yet but is sometimes baby gated in the laundry room. He whines a little but didn’t challenge the gate.

His foster family have not introduced him to children, but there were four in his former home. He does not jump at all which is a very good thing. He’s very gentle when taking a treat.

He hasn’t been exposed to cats, but after a very short meet and greet with the household dog, Tuck, he has done fine. He is very curious about dogs he meets on his walks. He hasn’t initiated any play with Tuck, but he will lay down close to him in the living area.

Speaking of leash walking, Milo is surprisingly good, but does pull a little but not the freight train described by his previous owners. A large harness is definitely in order for Milo. When it comes to retrieving, Milo will go after the ball but will not give it back. He has a great big mouth and buying a larger ball is being considered.

Milo house manners are impeccable. He is so big he can rest his head on the dining room table, but he does not steal from counters at all or beg for food. He waits patiently to be fed. He is pretty calm in the house but as he gets more used to the home his playful side will likely emerge. He likes to sit on the floor with people although he does tower over them while sitting next to them. There is definitely no room on the couch for him.

At night he sleeps in the primary bedroom and sleeps through the night. For mental and physical stimulation, his foster family take him on two short walks a day. He uses a puzzle bowl for feeding and plays with Kongs and other puzzle toys during the day.

Milo is a big Teddy bear and a Velcro dog. He’s very curious about things and very calm.

Ideal Home: Milo would do fine as an only dog and with another dog in the house. He forever family needs to be loving and continue to work on his weight and his health. This is one smart boy that loves to be with his people. Are you those people?

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