Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 20-037

Type of Surrender: AAC

Status: Available in September

Age: 9-10 months

Weight: 51 

The Austin Animal Center called GRR and asked, “can you help a sweet dog that has a fractured hip?”  “Of course, we can!” So, a GRR volunteer picked Merrit up that day.  We immediately had him examined by a surgeon who concurred that his hip was fractured and said the injury must have occurred a while back. His right hind leg has severe muscle atrophy which is likely from non-use for quite some time.  This little puppy had to be in considerable pain.  Merrit had FHO surgery on his hip and now is recovering nicely.  He may always have a slight limp but that doesn’t stop him from enthusiastically playing with other dogs. 

Personality: Merrit is super sweet, loves to be around people and other dogs, is reliably housetrained and rides well in the car.  He is learning to walk on a leash and sleeps in his crate when left alone with no issues.  He is smart and very food motivated, which helps with his training.  Merrit and foster sister Jade enjoy playing and can get a little carried away with their antics but in a good way. 

Every time Merit visits the vet everyone comments about how sweet he is. He has never shown any aggression toward his foster siblings and is always ready to play.  Even though foster sister Trinity is a bit (or a lot) possessive of her toys and growls at him when she thinks he is going to try to take a toy from her, Merrit doesn't react but sits patiently and waits for her to leave the toy and then takes it to play with.  Such a good boy.

As hungry as he always is, he is not resource protective of his food.  Merrit has also learned the meaning of "no" means and will stop doing what he's not supposed to be doing.  Merrit is a typical young dog and acts like a puppy much of the time.

This little imp does like to chew and shred anything he can get his paws on --- very puppy-like.  But he's not rowdy in the house - well unless his foster sister Jade eggs him on. It appears he has ambitions to be a gardener because he does like to prune the plants.

Merrit is extremely sweet, but he IS still a puppy and has a stubborn streak in him. He tolerates grooming and plays with toys, but not balls at this point.

Ideal Home: Merrit's ideal home would be one that will welcome an active young dog who is still growing and does puppy things like chewing on things.  He does sleep on and off during the day and can


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