Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 23-113

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn In

Status: Available

Age: 7 months

Update:  February 17:

McCartney’s foster mom describes McCartney as sweet, adorable, and quiet (doesn’t bark).  He is slowly gaining confidence and becoming a bit braver and more inquisitive.  When invited, McCartney joins us for TV in the evening and enjoys hanging out under our two joined desks during the day.  He’s leary of new situations so needs a family who will be patient and let him gain trust on his timeframe.  McCartney wants his foster parents to love on him and thrives on pets.  He is partial to women but becoming more trusting of men.  

 McCartney needs a family with patience and willingness to continue confidence-building, giving him space to slowly try new things and learn to trust.  He likes daily walks (hikes are fine), likes to retrieve and plays well with the foster’s dogs.  McCartney has not been around children but older kids will likely be OK.  McCartney would play all day if he could as he’s a young, high-energy boy outside but fairly low-energy inside (TV time with the family). McCartney will do best in a home where he is not left alone all day and with a patient, loving family.  



Meet GRR’s McCartney!  This boy was surrendered with his littermate, also at GRR, Lennon.  McCartney is a rather shy young Golden, who will need lots of love, patience, and TLC from his new family.  Currently, in his foster home, McCartney is rather timid and finds solace in the laundry room.  He has not had an accident so far, and due to being timid, he goes outside on a leash, then once outside he will go potty, then has to be put on a leash to come back inside.  At this time, McCartney is not using a crate, as he is most comfortable in the laundry room, so when left alone for a few hours here and there, his foster family uses a baby gate to confine him.

McCartney is a very sweet boy; however, he is also very apprehensive at this time.  He does not show any signs of aggression, but needs to learn to trust in humans. McCartney does not jump up on people, and when offered a treat, right now, he prefers for the treat to be put in front of him on the floor.  He did okay riding in the car, despite appearing nervous, he laid down quietly for the entire ride.

One thing McCartney LOVES is other dogs.  He has bonded and enjoys playing with the other Golden in his foster home.  As mentioned, he is shy, and will stop playing if he notices the human(s) watching. So far, McCartney has not been around any cats, nor has he had the chance for a swim. At meal times, McCartney will eat his food and drink water, but he waits until there are not humans watching.  At night time, he sleeps quietly in the laundry room area. 

Although McCartney is not super interested in playing with a ball or similar toys, he enjoys chewing on a chew toy.  Right now, McCartney is taking baby steps to learning trust and the joy of being a Golden - he does like to explore the backyard of his foster home and really feels most comfortable with the fellow Golden in the home beside him.  If people approach him in open spaces (like the backyard) he does try to escape and run, and as a result, right now his foster family is not taking him on walks.  In time, that will come when he gains confidence in himself and his surroundings.

One thing that brings McCartney great joy is his fellow Golden buddy in the home.  Following the lead of the other Golden, McCartney assisted in a great lizard search in the backyard! Also, he is making progress in learning small things (such as going back inside from the yard without being forced) from the other dog.  With consistency, it appears that McCartney is becoming more and more secure each day.

Ideal Home: Due to McCartney being shy and timid, a home with another dog or dogs will be best for him, as it helps him to open up more and learn by example while also gaining courage in himself.  He is very gentle, but is startled by loud or sudden noises, so a home where his people are calm and very patient is a must.  Another important item to note is that McCartney is one that will try to escape out the front door if the opportunity arises, so his family will need to be aware and careful with him, especially at first.  This beautiful boy has so much to learn about how great life can be as a GRR pup!  Could your family be the one to love and cherish McCartney?

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