Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 24-005

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn In

Status: Available

Age: 4

Introducing GRR’s dreamy, Max!  This beautiful, blonde fellow is adjusting well to the spoiled life!  Max is house-trained and will stand by the back door when he needs to go outside.  He is currently not using a crate, and when he is left alone here and there, he is free to roam.  In Max’s foster home, he has humans who work from home, so he has become a huge fan of having people around all day long!  He is working on jumping up less on humans and is getting better - he just has so much love to share!  Initially, with new people, Max can be a bit timid and shy, but he warms up quickly.  He has not yet been around cats, but he polices the squirrels in the yard with vigilance! Max has not been observed around children nor has he had the chance for a swim at this time.

When it comes to treats, Max is gentle so long as the treat is offered from a fist then to an open hand/palm. With other dogs, Max might have some initial apprehension, but after some sniffing and a little time, he warms up and will playfully interact.  He is a gentle player who prefers interaction over a wrestle or romp; he is a bit more on the submissive side. Max loves a ride in the car and will either hang his head out the window or lay down in the back seat. He enjoys plush toys or things he can chew or gnaw on, he also enjoys playing fetch and will retrieve.  Max enjoys playing a game of chase around the yard as well.

One thing Max adores is what his foster family refers to as a “sniffari”!  He likes to go on walks, but prefers more sniffing to walking. He is more interested in all the scents than the exercise, and when the human(s) attempt to continue the walk, at times, he will politely decline by laying down.  During the day when the humans are working, Max will sometimes bring a shoe or a sock.  He has not chewed up any shoes, but instead carries them around as a treasure. Max is not one to beg for food directly, but he will keep a watchful eye as you are eating, hoping for a morsel to drop that he can clean up.  Max has not shown any signs of aggression when it comes to food, but right now, he is an “only” dog in the home.  He is not a huge fan of storms, but so far, if he is permitted to be close to you or sleep in the bed, he calms down.  Most nights, Max sleeps soundly on a dog bed on the floor near his humans. He loves to be brushed and will let you brush him for as long as you want. 

Max is doing better each time he has playdates with other pups; he seems less timid as time progresses and he gains confidence.  One unique thing about Max is he shows his affection with some little “love” grunts.  How cute is that?  He is described as calm, gentle, curious, friendly, and most important, cuddly! 

Ideal Home: Max would thrive in a home where his humans are home often and can devote time and attention to dote on him daily.  He enjoys being spoiled a bit, and in a family with other dogs, he would not be the leader of the pack as he is a little bashful.  Although he loves to sniff on walks, it is also important that his family will ensure that he gets exercise so that he stays healthy.  Could your family be the perfect match to love and spoil Max?

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