Marlon Brando

Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 23-071

Type of Surrender: GRNNT

Status: Adopted

Age: 2-3

Meet GRR’s very own Marlon Brando!  This handsome, red, Golden can be both stoic and full of charisma all packaged within one dog!  Marlon Brando is reliably house-trained and will alert his humans when he needs to go out by walking to the back door. At this time, his foster family is working to crate train him while they’re away, and with some coaxing (and a Kong of peanut butter), Marlon Brando is making great strides. Initially, Marlon B. makes his feelings known with a few barks after being put in his crate, but then quickly settles down.  In time, his foster family feels like Marlon could be allowed to roam freely when they are away from the house.  Currently, Marlon Brando has not been observed around cats or kiddos.  He is not one to jump up on humans, and he LOVES when you pet him! What a gentleman!

At first, Marlon was over-exuberant in his taking of treats, but now that he knows he gets them regularly for being a good boy, he takes them nicely from your hand.  He travels well in the car and is learning his retrieving skills- Marlon will run after a ball, then sniff it and not bring it back…yet!  This good boy walks well on a leash and will walk beside his human companion.  He is currently using a harness, which is working well.  Marlon Brando has not had the chance for a swim yet, but he does have great interest in the water hose, so his foster family guesses he might be a fan of the water!  He loves to eat, currently his foster family is feeding him away from the other dogs in the home, but Marlon has not shown any food aggression thus far. He has experienced one thunderstorm since joining his foster family and was not reactive to the noise.

Marlon Brando LOVES other dogs.  He has bonded to the two other dogs in his foster home; he enjoys playing and wrestling with them and does well at adjusting his level of play to the dog he’s interacting with at the time.  He seems to enjoy the company of most other dogs he’s met since joining his foster family, and even loves to snooze next to his fellow canine companions.  This cuddly guy truly loves having his own bed and snuggles in with a blanket too!  He initially took a while to settle in at night, but now quickly is ready for bed when he’s in the same room with his people and the soothing noise of a sound machine. Marlon Brando also loves to be brushed and groomed, his foster family reports that he is even patient when having his ears cleaned. He can be a bit shy when first meeting new humans but will quickly come out of his shell to show his silly and loving personality.

Marlon Brando, the Golden Retriever, is a true couch potato! He snoozes the day away, playing when the opportunities are presented. He loves to hang out and watch TV with his people and will be nearby wherever you go - to the kitchen, the bathroom and beyond!  He has a curious side too and seems to enjoy anything with tags!  Marlon loves to be showered with affection and he will reciprocate that affection in return.  He is currently learning some commands, such as “sit” or “leave it” if there is something he shouldn’t be getting into.  As if your heart isn’t bursting already, this sweet boy will get a case of the wiggles and shake his rump when he is excited to go outside or to see you!  It is reported that he is also an expert at giving “side-eye”.

Ideal Home: Marlon Brando would do well in a home with a family or individual who would spend a LOT of time with him. Initially, it might take him a bit to establish trust, but once he is comfortable, he is all in!  He would need a family who is patient with his somewhat clingy love.  He is a great combo of couch potato inside, but ready to run and play outside.  He will benefit from a home with a consistent routine for him and preferably at least one other canine buddy. Could you be the perfect match for Marlon Brando??

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