Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 17-015

Type of Surrender: Removed from home

Status: Available

Age: 5-6 years

Weight: 68

Updated story for Marainana


Mariana is a beautiful yellow lab with a calm loving nature. She is a spayed female aged 5-6, so is old enough to know all the rules about being a good dog, but still energetic when you are ready for some outdoor fun.  She came in from the Rio Grande Valley area and we understand that she was taken from her home due to neglect. While undernourished she must have received much kindness in her past which would explain her complete trust and devotion to her people.  She is good with children and enjoys their attention, being careful to stand still while they comment on her soft coat.  Mariana has perfect house manners.  She follows her foster mom from room to room and then rests close by, a happy carefree dog.  She is completely house trained and has full run of the house, though as mentioned she does not stray from “mom”.

Mariana enjoys her daily walks and is good on the leash unless she spots a squirrel and that is just too hard to resist!  Good news is that she will always be on lookout to keep those pesky critters out of your yard.  She has just recently discovered her life passion, swimming and fetching in the lake.  She loves the water and could fetch for hours.  Her foster mom’s arm wears out before she does.  She hates to leave the lake but will, carrying her toy home in her mouth a skip in her step and a happy wagging tail.

When Mariana arrived in Austin she was on a course of antibiotics to take care of 2 tick born illnesses which she has since recovered from.  She was also recovering from mange.  You would never know from looking at her now as her hair has grown in nicely. She is now at an ideal weight and with daily walks, swimming and 2 meals a day she is in her prime.   She does have hip dysplasia and is scheduled for a consult with an orthopedic specialist for a full evaluation. GRR will explore the best options for her future health and comfort. She has no problems with walking, running, fetching, swimming.  She does need a little help getting in the car as her hips lack the strength at this time.

Ideal Family: Mariana can be left for extended periods, napping while you are away, but really enjoys the companionship of people.  She would love a home where someone would be around a bit during the day.  She is very low maintenance but would want her daily walks and the occasional outing to the lake for fetching. She also enjoys her daily training sessions where she has mastered sit, stay, down and come.  She would be better off in a house without cats, but with time and patience could share a house with a cat.  She is happy as a single dog, more interested in her people relationships, but could share a house with a gentle, non aggressive dog.  She will be a very loyal dog to whomever she becomes bonded to, no running of with this one.

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