Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 23-074

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn In

Status: Available

Age: 4

Update: 8/27/23

It's time for a Luke update since many of his naughty habits have completely gone away while at his foster home. He is become such a great dog. We dont feel the need to use baby gate anymore if we leave for short time frames. Super chill, eager to please. Really helpful that he loves loves ice. He hears the ice maker and comes running and we use ice to bring him places or treats. He loves to be groomed, bully sticks , kongs and rips apart dog toys but has not chewed much except once the mail. Weird . He enjoys being around dogs, children all ages (including an infant he wagged his tail and calmly watched) and just being part of things.  Ive taken naps and he curls up beside me.  He loves to swim , though he does get excited after swimming and runs and leaps for a good 5 minutes. Learned to keep him outside for that. His most annoying habit is counter surging. Hes quite good at reaching unnatural distances. He was able to pull a plate of bacon set high and far on counter…

 Meet GRR’s sweet, calm, and curious Golden, Luke!  This good boy has been making lots of progress with his foster family so far.  Luke is house-trained, and while he has not been utilizing a crate, he has been consistently kept behind a baby gate, as necessary.  One instance of this is when he is left alone at the house, and so far, he respects the baby gate to contain him. He also sleeps behind a baby gate at night and does well. Luke is a huge fan of people- he lives with some teenagers currently and LOVES them, so would likely love younger children too!  It is reported there are a LOT of happy tail wags and wiggles when Luke is receiving attention. This silly boy has a flair for the dramatic at times, he will drop a ball at his human’s feet, then toss back his head willing you to pet him or fawn over him!

At first, Luke might be a tad jumpy when excited, but that is getting much better as he is fairly gentle and delicate. He also takes treats very gently.  Initially, around new dogs, Luke can be a bit over-excited, he might bark (mostly due to a little insecurity), but once he realizes the other dogs are friends and not foes, he is ALL in!  He enjoys playing and swimming with his established canine friends, although Luke is not big on sharing his toys! So far, Luke has not been observed around cats, in the car, or during a thunderstorm.

Luke’s foster family notes that he is a perfect gentleman on a walk – no pulling at all.  As mentioned before, on walks there have been a few times where Luke has barked at other dogs, but that too is getting much better with time and practice. Luke likes to retrieve toys or a ball…but he is a work in progress when it comes to giving it back to his human companion(s) for another toss or throw.  One thing Luke reportedly LOVES is going for a dip in the pool.  After a swim, he will get zoomies of joy! He also gets excited about his food, but with repeated practice he now sits nicely and waits for it to be put down – so far, there have been no issues with food guarding. Luke also loves being brushed and groomed.

Luke is a cuddly couch potato, although some days he has a wild moment around late afternoon or early evening where he likes to be a bit mischievous (ripping up a toy, taking a sock, etc.), but with a bit of quiet, calm time in those moments, he gets back on track. One thing that Luke is working on is NOT eating inappropriate things…such as a retainer; therefore, he might need some redirection and a close eye initially.  He also does bark consistently as people or dogs walk past his foster home, but is a work in progress and showing growth in this area.

Ideal Home: Luke would do well in a home where his family has lots of time to walk him, play with him, and cuddle with him.  He is a quick learner who loves people and attention.  With a consistent routine and established boundaries, Luke has already grown so much with his foster family. This boy is eager to please, curious about life, can be silly and fun, but also kind and thoughtful. What a perfect combo! Could this handsome, comical character be just what your family has been wishing for?

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