Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 18-159

Type of Surrender: SAACF

Status: Available

Age: 8

Weight: 81

Personality: Lucky is a very handsome and sweet gentleman. His foster folks say he is great in the car and walks on the leash in a very proper heal. He eats serenely, no gobbling. Lucky is very Lucky indeed, because he has no fear of thunderstorms.

Lucky may have not had much experience with playing because he does not retrieve and will not, at this point, hold a toy in his mouth. But he does love to be groomed.

He has grown to trust his foster parents and their dog Clancy, but is still a tiny bit cautious. Lucky is a little shy. He may be a somewhat hearing impaired, but he is taking medicine for an ear infection and his hearing seems to be getting better. All in all, he is very friendly, has a very wiggly tail, and loves attention.

Lucky has become very comfortable in his foster home and his folks say he has one of the prettiest coats of any dog they have ever had. When asked about naughty habits, they just could not come up with anything. They are endeared with the fact that he sweetly follows them about the house.

Ideal Family: Lucky belongs with a family who will be very patient and loving. He would do fine with a four-legged companion, perhaps an older dog. He, however, doesn’t have the type of personality that would make him want to outside and play with children.



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