London (Chyna)

Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 10-110

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn In

Status: Available

Age: 10

Weight: 67

London was originally adopted through GRR in 2010. Since then her owner has passed away and the new family taking care of her just can’t handle it since they caretakers for their elderly parents. So, London is back in the GRR fold.

Personality: London is very experienced in the ways of the world. She is housebroken and free to roam the house. She responds to a firm “no” when barking at the neighbor dog and the barking is not aggressive.

She’s likes to play ball, sometimes bringing it back when thrown, while other times she takes it to her bed. She doesn’t seem t have any bad habits and has a calm and sweet disposition. This gal is a jewel, the typical Velcro dog who loves to be in sight of her people.

London has a funny little habit of stealing any small piece of apparel (such as socks) and take them to her bed; I think she likes to have something that smells like her people close by. She does not chew them though.  Her previous owner stated that her favorite toy was a rubber chicken and that it was the only toy she ever guarded or did not want to share with another dog.  When she arrived at our home her chicken was not with her so we bought her one. She was thrilled and acted like we had just reunited her with a lost puppy. Her new chicken shares her bed along with all the other dog toys she rounded up from around the house.

Ideal Family:  London will be the perfect dog for a quiet, low energy home. She loves nothing more than curling up near her people and just being close. No jumping or running madly in circles; no biting or barking or chasing. She is simply a sweet,  loving, gentle friend who needs very little except love and affection She’s indifferent to cats and loves kids. It would be great to see her with an active retired person or couple who wants a nice companion for walks, outings, etc. London LOVES to swim so a pool is a plus.

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