Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 23-036

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn In

Status: Available

Age: 7

Personality: Liberty is a Golden gal who has so much love to share. She comes to GRR after living her previous life as a breeding dog primarily confined to a backyard kennel.  She is housebroken and is free roam of the house when left alone, although her favorite spot to sleep is under the bed.

Liberty is a middle-aged Golden, and from observations so far, seems like a dog who needs her human(s) to help her learn the ropes of her new life with some TLC. She has been left alone for short increments of time, no more than 3 hours, so far.  Liberty ignored the cat in her initial foster home, and hasn’t played much with her foster siblings.  At this time, Liberty has not been observed around children.

Liberty doesn’t seem to have ridden in a car, so car rides are a new experience; however, she was calm on her first two rides. Liberty is not a pro on the leash YET. When she is on a walk by herself she is all over the place, but does show great improvement when walking beside another dog. We suspect that her foster sibling gives her confidence. We doubt she had any leash walks in her former environment.  She has not retrieved toys quite yet either, but her foster family reports that their other dog is a retrieving pro and likes to show Liberty what to do.  They feel in time, she probably would retrieve a ball or toy.  Liberty LOVES to get in the water.  She especially likes the shallow part of the pool.  See pics.

Liberty has a great appetite and gobbles her food. Her foster family keeps her separate from their other dog during feeding times which is proper protocol, so it is unknown if she is protective of her food. Her foster family reports that she can be a bit stubborn, but aren’t we all at times?  Liberty is not a fan of thunderstorms and will hide in small, dark places.

Liberty sleeps thru the night in her favorite spot under the foster’s bed or on the cool tile in the master bath.  She is not a fan of grooming, but perhaps, with time that will change. Busy streets are not her favorite and she can be frightened by odd or unexpected things.  Liberty is learning quickly and gaining confidence each day as she is introduced to new things.

Overall, Liberty is a sweet and loving girl, who wants to be close to her human family whenever possible. She loves to follow her foster mom around the house and loves to push her nose to her foster mom’s hand to encourage pets and belly rubs. She loves to be outdoors and enjoys a walk or run around the yard.

Ideal Home: Liberty would benefit from a home with people who are willing to dedicate their time, patience, and love to helping this girl know that she is safe and cherished. A home where she could be the only dog might be best for her. Liberty has come a long way in the short time that she has been with her foster family, and she wants to learn and she wants to please. She is smart, eager to learn, and would certainly fulfill her role as a dedicated and devoted member of the family.

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