Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 23-112

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn In

Status: Available

Age: 10 months

Lennon is an EGF Golden because he had an intestinal blockage caused by eating a small, plastic toy.  Following surgery and post-operative care, Lennon has recovered and is enjoying life.  He has been adopted.


Update:  March 4, 2024

Sweet, goofy, clingy and anxious are words Lennon’s foster mom uses to describe him.  Lennon came from a breeding situation where he was left alone much of the time and didn’t have the socialization that many puppies get.  As a result, he lacks confidence and certainty about new things.  But with consistency and patience, Lennon is gaining confidence, trust and learning to fit into a home environment.  

Lennon is perfect with humans and kids.  He’s OK with nice, calm dogs but can become overstimulated with multiple, high-strung dogs.   Lenon needs short daily walks, puzzle toys to help with mental stimulation and calm time to slowly adjust to his new environment. He’d do best in a calmer home where there isn’t a lot of constant activity.     

Lennon’s trainer is helping him build his confidence.  The trainer says he’s smart and quite receptive to training as he enjoys pleasing humans.  “Lennon is a sweet, fun dog and suspect he’d be fantastic with scent work. He’s easy to redirect as needed.”  Lennon enjoys swimming in the foster’s pool.  Lennon will likely do best in an only dog home with a family who is willing to patiently let him adjust and slowly build confidence.  In return, Lennon will shower you with love and kisses.


Meet GRR’s Lennon! This boy was surrendered with his littermate, also a GRR pup, McCartney.   Lennon is a happy young Golden who is described as both silly and bouncy!  Lennon is reliably house-trained, but he does need a consistent routine to avoid any accidents.  Right now, he stays in his crate when left alone for a few hours at a time, and that is also where he sleeps at night in his owner’s room.

Lennon enjoys the company of children and of most humans, really- however, sometimes he will become shy at first if a person is wearing a hat. He does jump on visitors (because he is so glad they’ve arrived), but his foster family is working with him on this and redirecting his behavior.  Lennon has really done well walking on a leash and has progressed to not even pulling for the most part.  This silly boy does like to chase and retrieve a ball, and at times he will even roll the ball back to you!

Due to the chilly temperatures lately, Lennon hasn’t gone for a swim (yet), but he likes to dip his paws into the shallow area of his foster family’s pool after playing in the yard!  In time, Lennon has really adjusted well to the people in his foster family, but he does have some separation anxiety initially. He is a gentle treat-taker and when he is excited and playing, he even has a cute jumping/bucking move that he shows off!

Ideal Home: An ideal home for Lennon would be one where his people are routine-driven, have TONS of time for him.  Lennon craves human reassurance and love.  Can you Imagine having Lennon as part of your family?

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