Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 18-095

Type of Surrender: Palm Valley Animal Center

Status: Available Soon

Age: 1

Weight:  36

Lacey came in with her sister, Cagney, from the Palm Valley Animal Center. She is very small (although a bit bigger than her sister) and they both look like miniature Golden Retrievers, as if a fairy waved her magic wand and miniaturized them. Both Cagney and Lacey came in with a damaged eye, which had to be surgically removed. They are both recovering nicely. According to their foster mom, Lacey is a big tail banging, cream colored goof and Cagney a dainty red little thing.

Personality: Lacey has had a couple of accidents in the house, but she’s getting close when it comes to house breaking. She has her own bed and sleeps through the night in her “own room”, either a bathroom or the utility room. She is nice and calm on car rides. Like Cagney, Lacey has obviously not had much training, because she pulls on the leash on walks.

She likes to play with balls but does not bring it back yet. She is happy, loving and bouncy around children. She’s not crazy about bath time or brushing, but she’s getting a bit better. After all, she probably never had this kind of loving care before.

Lacey is a rowdy girl and is still in that puppy phase of chewing on things and trying to counter surf. She’s just a big kid who has not had proper training. She’s very high energy, so that energy needs to be contained by learning her big dog manners.

Ideal Home: Lacey is great with other dogs and it would be ideal if her new family had one to help her learn now to be a grown up and to play with her. Her forever family needs to be patient and understand that she is a stubborn puppy and that she needs lots of training and attention. It is uncertain how she would behave around cats besides bark at them.


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