Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 23-067

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn In

Status: Available

Age: 9

Update 9/3:

Meet beautiful, sweet Katie!   Katie is a 9ish senior girl who was surrendered to GRR because her long-time owner was having serious financial issues and could no longer afford to give Katie the care that she needed.  It was a hard decision but the owner knew it was in Katie’s best interest.  Welcome to GRR!  Initially, Katie’s transition to her foster family took time as her life was turned upside down.  But with patience and love, Katie slowly began to gain the trust, security and confidence she needed.

Four months later, Katie is now happy and thriving.  This calm, loving girl is blossoming and enjoying every day.  Katie thinks there is nothing better than a backyard stroll as there is so much to see and smell, daily short walks, and lots-and-lots of hugs and cuddles with her foster family --- especially with the kids.  This calm, cool and collected girl recently made her TB debut on FOX Austin as the Foster Dog of the Week.  This calm, loving girl is another GRR success story.


Update: 8-12-23

Personality: Meet beautiful, senior Golden Gal, Katie!  She is 9 years old and reliably house-trained, as she has done well so far with no accidents.  Katie does not jump on people and takes treats very gently. At this time, Katie has not been observed around cats.  Katie does have a fellow canine companion in her foster home, and much of the time she prefers to be left alone (i.e. she doesn’t really care to play all that much), but she is OK with other nice, calm dogs if they give her space.  Katie does well on car rides and even had her first experience in a carwash recently, which she handled well after being a bit curious at first.  When left home alone, Katie has the option to roam around, but stays put on her dog bed or on the cool tile.  One thing Katie really enjoys is the company of children and people, she is reported to be happy and calm, while also giving sweet kisses to show her adoration.

Katie’s foster family is working with her on leash training as she does some pulling and weaving, so she will need some continued patience and practice in this area, although she is improving each day.  It is reported that Katie really enjoys her walks each day and begins a routine of jovial bouncing at the sight of her humans putting on their walking shoes! Currently, Katie will carry around a toy in her mouth, but isn’t big on playing or retrieving. Katie hasn’t been around water or a pool at this time, but she is not a huge fan of the water hose when her foster family waters plants in the yard.  Katie LOVES to eat- her foster family reports that they add special toppers to her food, and that she is not protective over her food. At night, Katie settles in and sleeps soundly on her dog bed. She is very tolerant when she’s being groomed but is not a fan of getting her ears cleaned! 

Katie is not highly energetic, as she is in her golden years, but she exudes joy when she gets to go exploring outside or for a walk. So far, Katie has not been observed during a thunderstorm, but she is not a huge fan of fireworks, yet the vacuum cleaner does not seem to bother her.  Overall, this calm, loving gal is truly blossoming!  She is protective of her people, needs time to adjust to other dogs, but has grown so much in trusting her human companion(s).

Ideal Family: An ideal family for Katie would be a home where she has family around often, maybe someone retired or who has lots of time to devote to her- a family that will keep her somewhat active. This lovely lady might do best as the only dog in her home or would likely be tolerant of another senior dog who also enjoys a tranquil day-to-day routine. Could your family be the right fit for this darling Golden Gal?

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