Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 19-029

Type of Surrender: Owner surrender

Status: Medical Hold/Available Soon

Age: age 12 (estimated)

Weight: 50 lbs

Joy’s life before coming to GRR was anything but joyful.  First, she was surrendered because her previous owner had a terminal illness and was unable to care for her and four other dogs- some possibly her own children.  Even though Joy had an owner, she lived a rough life… she spent her life chained to a metal pipe with four other dogs, had no name, lacked socialization, and lived outdoors year-round.  As the owner’s family reached out to try and find homes for the dogs, a big storm with high winds and hail were about to hit, so GRR had to act fast.

Joy was spayed after coming in to GRR’s care and received a clean bill of health from the vet.  She had no worms, was heartworm negative, and had no skin issues.  Pretty impressive, given how she was living.

Personality: Despite harsh living conditions, this dog seemed to have room in her heart for joy, so that is what her foster Mom named her!  She was timid upon meeting GRR’s volunteers, but she let them pat her while she ate and fell asleep (and snored) during a badly needed grooming session.  At her foster home, Joy has been calm and enjoys being petted.

She observes other dogs but hasn’t joined in the play yet.  She is eating and sleeping well and is starting to settle into a routine.  Her foster family is happy to report that she is smiling more and more and is starting to hold her head high!  She is quite a couch potato, but prances around the neighborhood during walks.

Ideal Home: Joy would do best in a home that has carpet or lots of area rugs.  She slides some and this would help keep her steady on her feet.  In her foster home, Joy gets daily walks by a neighbor’s second grader.  As soon as the child appears at the door, Joy jumps up and is ready to go for a short walk.  Joy is great with children and cats.  She would do best with a family who can provide the simple pleasures of a good dog’s life.  If you’re ready for more joy in your life, Joy may be the dog for you!

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