My family wanted to let the Gold Ribbon family know that another much loved member passed last week. My Joshua, 20-094T, was with the last group of Goldens GRR brought back from Turkey, November 2020. He was not in the original group of 10 that Michelle and husband, Bob, were to bring back but luckily, Michelle is a softie when it comes to hard luck cases with Golden faces. Thankfully for us.

When he arrived, he was an underweight (50 pound) estimated age at 9 years, a diamond in the “ruff”, Golden boy. For almost the first year he was with us, he was terrified of car rides and squeaky toys (running to back yard or a closet) and had no idea what to do with a tennis ball or tug rope. That changed over the three years to camping/road trip adventures and never being seen without a squeaker toy in his mouth at home or on every walk and Gold Ribbon Home Visit.

I will most miss are ‘talks’ in the mornings sitting with him next to his bed drinking coffee, reading, and waking up to the day.

Thank you sincerely Gold Ribbon for bringing me Joshua. He is with our Blossom, Biscuit, Wiley, Max, and Geep Goldens now. I can’t wait to see them all again when I cross that bridge some day.

Holly Burgeson

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