Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 23-056

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn In

Status: Available

Age: 27 months

Weight: 52

Personality: Jax is getting better with every moment with his foster family – not that he needed much. He is such a close-to-perfect dog. He started being excited around people by jumping on them but he improves with every day, rarely jumping up now and his foster family is incredibly pleased with his Improvement. What a quick learner! He also takes his treats like a perfect gentleman.

Jax has had no house breaking issues. When it’s time to crate him, a nice, tasty treat helps him happily get inside. He’s such a smart boy. The crate is where he stays when no one is home.

So far, Jax doesn’t seem that interested in the other two dogs in the house. He focuses more on Bear, all in a scheme to get closer to the toys he may be playing with. He growls a little bit but like with everything else is improving quickly. Jax hasn’t had any exposure to cats in his new foster home.

Jax loves car rides and if he had his way he would sit in the driver’s lap like a little pooch. He does move about in the car but quickly settles down. Walks? Oh goodness what a champ. It’s like he has had some practice at this. He’s excited while gearing up but settles down as soon he and mom are out the door.

Jax loves to play ball and chase any old toy that is thrown…he’s all over it. He brings it back most of the time and will even release the toy with ease. He really likes to have a toy either in his mouth or close by.

He sleeps through the night either at the foot of the bed or between foster mom and dad. In the house he is fairly calm and will follow anyone moving about the house. He just likes to be close to people.

Long story short, Jax is a total doll. He loves people, loves to play with them, loves to go for walks or car rides…basically anything fun. He tries to be very correctable and coachable. His foster family would love to see him engage more with other dogs. He has finally started to play zoomy with his housemates.

Ideal Family: Jax deserves a family that will help him become the best boy he can be. They should be understanding, patient, loving, and willing to take him for his beloved walks. Are you the great family that Jax deserves?

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