Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 18-065

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn In

Status: Available

Age: 6

Weight: 122

Update 7/13/2018 - Jaffa's foster parents wanted to add this cute note about her: Last night when we all went to bed, I covered her with a blanket...I keep our bedroom COLD and she previously had been sleeping in the living room. This morning when we got up she had no clue how to get up with a blanket on her and it was just so cute. I think she was so tired from daycare, grooming and our walk yesterday that she didn't move one bit last night!


Since coming into GRR, Jaffa has been living up to her reputation (as stated by her family who very reluctantly had to give her up) as an all-around great girl. She’s a big girl, as can be seen by her weight, but her foster family already has her on a diet and exercise regimen that will no doubt help tremendously. She has two rambunctious foster brothers who will unquestionably help with that as well!

At first Jaffa kept baby-gaited in the kitchen to ease the introduction to her foster brothers, but the intro went so well that she pretty much has the run of the house now. She is totally reliable when it comes to house training – not a single accident so far.

Jaffa comes from a family that had children and they said that she was wonderful with the kids. She is nice and sweet with Duke and Behrbehr, her foster brothers. She’s still a bit shy, but will amiably play bow when she wants to get involved with the shenanigans. Jaffa is very respectful of their space.

Jaffa is great in the car and fantastic on the leash, The only time she pulled is when she saw a cat! Other than that, she walked right by her foster mom’s side and accepted a kiss from her brother Duke while they were walking together.

Her previous owners report that she loves to swim.

Jaffa is a happy girl. Whenever she’s up and moving, her tail is in constant wag mode. She gets excited when she knows it’s time to go outside and play. And squeaky toys? Squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak….enough said.

Jaffa is in a new environment, so she sometimes barks at the most random things with what her mom describes as a cute high-pitched bark for such a big girl!

Ideal Family:  First of all, Jaffa tends to want to chase cats, so she needs a home with no cats. Importantly, she needs a home that is dedicated to her health and will continue to help get her weight down. The forever family should be active and take her on walks and swimming when possible. She has some allergies, so they should be attuned to that, keeping up with her medication. Jaffa will be an amazing companion once she comes completely out of her shell.




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