In Memoriam: Gypsy GRR#22-006
March 13, 2011 – July 26, 2023

Only 15 months ago, April 24, 2022, an angel, in the form of an 11-year-old golden retriever, came to share her absolute sweetness and love with us. Last week we lost her.

Gypsy was an amazing blessing—calm, quiet, and unbelievably gentle. She could extract a tiny treat so deftly that the offering hand remained untouched. She was lanky, with long slender legs, a long top-line, and a longer muzzle than most goldies. Her fur was a mix of reddish to blonde waves, curls, and long, straight feathers. Her eyes were gorgeous. DNA results revealed she was 71 percent golden retriever, 29 percent Irish setter, and 100% sweetness.

We are now adrift without her sweet companionship, her watchful gaze, and her willingness to be petted, brushed, and "loved on" anytime and every time. Our consolation is an album of memories in our hearts—the many wonderful gifts, joyous times, love, and loyal companionship that Gypsy shared with us. We are grateful for our far-too-brief, love-filled months with dear, sweet Gypsy. We are comforted by the certainty that we will walk with her again in heaven, where the wolf will dwell with the lamb and all our beloved pets and people will be together, happy, and free.

We are grateful to GRR for bringing Gypsy into the organization; to Susan O’Reilly for arranging Gypsy’s travel; to Pam Segner-Rambo and Dan O’Reilly for transporting Gypsy; to foster parents Devon and Brandon Hartstein who cared lovingly for Gypsy and brought her to our home on adoption day; to Nancy McGowan, our phone interviewer; to Anne Wallace and Oakley, our home visitors; to Jennifer Grossman, our matchmaker; to Barb Elliott, our adoption coordinator; and to Dr. Regina Bohmfalk, Lap of Love, for making Gypsy's passing as comfortable and as compassionate as possible.

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