Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 21-018T

Type of Surrender: Turkey Dog

Status: Medical Hold

Age: 5

Weight: 74

Personality: Welcome to America and Texas, Gunnar! Gunnar has a lot of new things to get used to here, but so far so good. He has had no accidents in the house but definitely does not like being in a crate. Bark! Bark! Bark! He hasn’t been left alone in the house yet so nothing to report on how he would do. He doesn’t jump up on people and takes his treats gently.

Gunnar has had no exposure to children or cats yet, but he has been pretty indifferent to the two senior dogs in his foster home. He’s calm in the car and already walks on the leash with very little pulling. He hasn’t been allowed to chase a ball yet since he has a bad knee, which will be corrected with surgery. He hasn’t shown any interest in getting in the swimming pool and his foster folks don’t encourage it because of his knee.

Gunnar is calm in the house but will let you know when he wants to be petted with a quiet bark. He doesn’t get bothered if he’s petted or touched while he is eating his supper. He also sleeps all the way through the night. Rainy weather doesn’t bother him, but he hasn’t experienced a thunderstorm yet.

When Gunnar has a toy, he decides that it is his personal property and takes them and puts them in a little pile with his other toys. He does bark if one of the other dogs walks by while he has a toy. He is very calm while being groomed and brushed, and, boy, did he need it when he got here from Turkey.

Gunnar is an easy-going boy, incredibly sweet and calm, especially with everything he has been through in his earlier life and to get here. Despite his calm demeanor, he can be quite playful at times. He’s learning his name, but his foster is not sure how much English he has picked up yet! Like Linus, he likes to carry towels and blankets around.

Ideal Home: It’s hard to say at this point what his ideal family would be like, but definitely one that will be into training him and taking care of him after his surgery. He needs a lot of love attention.

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