Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 18-096

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn In

Status: Available

Age: 5

Weight: 60-70

Personality: Forrest is a return to GRR from 2018. His current owner is moving to NYC and doesn’t feel that would be a good environment for him. Forrest has Ataxia which is a neurological issue that causes some unsteadiness and some abnormal motor movement of his legs which is not  debilitating but rather needs monitoring.   For example, Forrest can’t jump into the car on his own and when he does his business, Forrest does a little “potty dance” because he has to keep his legs moving. Forrest was examined by a  specialist who says no further treatment is needed at this time as he’s doing great.

Forrest does not (cannot) jump up on people, but he loves playing with the smaller of the two dogs in his foster household. Smaller dogs are much easier for him to play with but he’s fine with gentle play with bigger dogs. Forrest enjoys short walks and is learning how to walk on leash.

In the house, Forrest is very calm and loves to be petted. He could go on for hours! His favorite thing is to sleep on the couch snuggled with his head in somebody’s lap. He does need a little help getting onto the couch. Forrest is not focused on toys as he prefers playing with dogs or human companionship.

He’s been through a storm and the 4th of July and didn’t seem phased by any of the noise. He does a great job sleeping through the night on his bed right next to the human bed. He’s not a big “ball” buy. He’ll carry a toy around for a bit but doesn’t show much interest.

Forrest is sweet, loving, shy and low maintenance. He likes being outside if someone comes with him. The steps off the porch give him a bit of trouble, but he’s getting much better at navigating them.

Ideal Home: The home that would be best for Forrest is one with no kids and a small dog that he can play with. While Forrest can navigate a few steps, the ideal home must be one without a lot of stairs.  He also needs a forever family that’s willing to accept Forrest for all that he offers rather than focus on what he cannot do and be willing to devote the time and love the needs and so richly deserves.  Forrest enjoys the simple things in life:  looking outside, cuddling with people, lots of petting and dozing.   Forrest will make his forever family very lucky as he’s truly an extraordinary boy.  Could you be Forrest’s forever home?

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