There’s no way to describe the grief and loneliness I feel inside right now. Yesterday, this precious soul ran into heaven.
I know it was the relief his body needed. Selfishly, I still want to feel his beautiful soft fur, hug him, kiss his face a million more times and see him look at me intently when I talk to him or swish his tail when he sees me.
The most pure and darling boy I’ve ever known. A piece of me has gone with you. I’ll never forget your smell, the way you breathe softly, your love for a car ride, your loyal companionship, for being with me through my darkest days and for making my heart swell with joy and happiness over watching you smell the air in the mornings, roll in the grass or run to me when I called you. I’ll see you again someday. Please come and visit me from time to time when I’m sitting outside listening for you and remembering your face in my hands and feeling you lick the tears off my face.
My angel Fluke, I’ll love always and miss you and think of you every day. Until we meet again my love.
Stephanie Coker
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