Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR number: 16-002

Type of Surrender: Service Dog’s Inc Release

Status: Hold

Age: 1 year

Weight: 77 lbs (Ideal weight)

Why Elvis is an EGF recipient:

Behavioral therapy; heartworm treatment; multiple diagnostics (blood panels, X-rays, vet visits); arthroscopic surgery for elbow problem

Now 18 months old, Elvis was just the second GRR dog of 2016. He’s young, handsome, loving, clever, and always upbeat. So why is he still in foster care, and an EGF pup to boot? Well, here’s the abridged version of the story:

Chapter 1: Arkansas, December 2015. The gangly 77-pounder finds himself homeless after his folks divorce. Enter a local rescue with contacts to Texas’s Service Dogs International. Surely such a smartie as Elvis will make a great assistance dog!

Chapter 2: Dripping Springs, January 2016.  A career in the service sector is not in the cards. “He is fairly calm when he is with staff or out with other dogs, but in the kennels he is anxious, restless and trying to escape. We don't want him to hurt himself or develop problem behaviors. Can GRR adopt him out as a pet?”

Chapter 3: Austin, January though March. Elvis despises the crate all right, and lets you know about it! Goes through training to help him settle down, work through distractions and ease up on the barking. Moves to an experienced foster home who will keep up with the training program.

Chapter 4, late March: Is he ready to match? Umm… not so fast. Has a persistent off-and-on limp involving his shoulder, and hips look stiff. No dysplasia (X-rays show him to be Elvis the Perfect Pelvis).  Vets diagnose panosteitis: inflammation of the bone marrow, also known simply as “growing pains.” Should resolve in time. BUT:

Chapter 4B, late March: Bloodwork done for above shows Elvis is heartworm positive (negative test at intake must have been in error). What?! Well, let’s schedule the injections.

Chapter 5, mid-April through late June:  HW treatment.  “Quiet time” not wasted as Elvis & foster dad work hard on training and Elvis polishes up his already considerable charms. “Wonderful, sweet, affectionate personality and temperament. Very outgoing. High activity level but can be easily settled down. Very well behaved in the house if tempting things are not left around. Very motivated by praise and treats. Sensitive and takes correction well. Keeps on improving all around.”

Chapter 6, June: Foster dad is ready to adopt but dratted limp just won’t go away; video of Elvis trotting across the room shows him bobbing up and down like an oil rig. Ouch!!

Chapter 7, July: Visit with orthopedic specialist. Limp not due to panosteitis after all. New diagnosis:  right fragmented medial coronoid processes—that is, little chips of bone floating around in his elbow joint, causing pain. Needs arthroscopic surgery to remove the bone chips.  Should result in 85% immediate improvement.

Chapter 8, July/August: Schedule surgery and post Elvis as an EGF dog to raise the necessary funds.

Chapter 9,  TBA: Adoption at last!! Sometimes happy endings just take their time!


“I never expected to be anybody important.” ~ Elvis Presley

Elvis knows what he wants and nothing else will do. Originally he was thought to be a good candidate for a service dog because of his sweet and loving personality. However, Elvis just wanted a heart that’s true. He wanted a family that would play for keeps, make him feel, “all shook up,” and “love him tender.”  So, he came to GRR with high hopes of finding the perfect family to tell him, it’s just him they’re thinking of.

Like the iconic man that he is named after, Elvis is strikingly handsome. He has cream colored wavy locks, a gorgeous smile, and an incredibly sweet personality to top it all off. He’s just, “A Big Hunk O’ Love.” He loves everyone and wants nothing more than to be surrounded by his fans and hound dogs. Cat’s are still an uncharted territory, so at the moment, we’re not sure how he would do with them.

In addition to being incredibly handsome, Elvis has many talents. He is able to jump tall fences with a single leap and escape the jailhouse by rockin’ in a flurry of fur and Elvis’ lyrics. He asks that you, “Don’t be cruel,” by placing him in the kennel, as it’s very stressful for him. His talents can be tamed however, as he is highly food motivated and he learns quickly. He’s already learned how to sit and wait by the door like a proper gentleman. Everything is new and exciting for this, “lovin’ Teddy Bear.”

Some of the really exciting activities for Elvis are being brushed after a good bath, attempting to play a game of fetch, and of course someone to keep him, always on their mind. Soft squeaky toys are a bonus. Elvis enjoys attempting to sit in your lap, as he’s not quite aware of how large he is yet. And he wants nothing more than to be, “yours through all the years, till the end of time.”

If you’re looking for the “king” of all puppies, look no further than Elvis!

Ideal home:

Elvis needs a family who can take him through Heartworm treatment at GRR’s expense. This young and energetic guy is looking for love, stability, and a little training. Elvis would thrive with someone that is home most of the day and with another well behaved canine companion to teach him all the proper home behaviors. As Elvis is still really young, exercise is a must for him. He tends to get mischievous without a good workout.

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