Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 19-011

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn In Temple

Status: Available

Age: 7-8 years

Weight: 54 lbs.

Elliott came to GRR from the Temple Animal Shelter after escaping his yard through an open gate.  He was underweight, had fleas, and tested positive for Giardia.  He is also completely blind in his right eye, which may be a result of a chronic cornea problem.  Despite these challenges, Elliott was relieved to meet the GRR volunteer who would give him his freedom ride, happily jumping into the van to go see a vet.  Little did Elliott know his life was about to change forever!

Personality: For an older golden, Elliott still gets excited when good things happen- food, walks, and socializing.  He wants to play with his foster family’s dog, but the dog is older and not quite as interested.  How could anyone not love this sweet smile and the curls along his back?

Elliott enjoys walks but is working on his leash-walking skills.  He is reliably house-trained and has been crated at his foster family home, although they are experimenting with letting him roam free when he’s alone.  He seemed happy to let children pet him during a recent visit to Petco and GRR is unsure of how he would behave around cats.

Elliott’s foster family reports that he must have very vivid dreams while he sleeps!  He runs and whimpers, so he must be having a great time chasing rabbits or playing with other dogs!  When he is awake, he can sometimes be vocal if he gets excited or doesn’t get his way.  Overall, he’s been a great houseguest and will soon be ready for his forever home.

Ideal Home: Elliott would do well in any home where he is loved and possibly allowed to take naps on the furniture!  His is an outgoing dog who enjoys frequent walks or going to the park.  He is still playful but may not be your family’s pride and joy if you want a retriever who actually retrieves a ball or toy. That’s just not his thing.  One thing for sure is Elliott will bring a lot of love and joy to his future owners!

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