Dom Perignon

Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

Dom Perignon is an Extraordinary Golden because is has severe hip dysplasia requiring Total Hip Replacement surgeries.

GRR Number: 21-077

Type of Surrender: Lockhart Animal Shelter

Status: Adopted

Age: 1/-12

Weight: 78

Update:  Dom completed THR surgery followed by 12 weeks of exercise restrictions.  He has been adopted and is enjoying life in his forever home.


Personality: Dom has a wonderful, “bubbly” personality. He may need some hip surgery that will be taken care of at GRR’s expense, and one can only imagine how even more bubbly he might be after a full recovery.

Dom Perignon if reliably housetrained now and he is free to roam most of the house. Some rooms are baby gated to prevent him from being too snoopy. Children make him happy and bouncy. He has had very little interaction with other dogs and if he meets them on a walk, he is nice and polite. He has seen the house cat once and he did chase him, but kitty is pretty skittish. Dom may very well get along with cats. He needs a boost to get into the car but once in he does well. He’s well-behaved on the leash and if foster mom stops to visit with a neighbor, Dom sits down politely to wait.

In the house, Dom is overall well-behaved and loves to lounge about just about anywhere – floor, sofa, chairs…His favorite indoor game is tug-of-war, and he doesn’t get rowdy. He does like to chew on things he shouldn’t, and that behavior is being corrected. He sleeps through the night.

Outside he has two balls he enjoys playing with. He won’t bring you the ball unless you let him know you want to play, he’ll bring it over but doesn’t necessarily drop it. Dom is okay with grooming and even tries to help by grabbing the brush!

As far as his energy level, Dom is sweet, loving, funny and overall well-behaved. He loves to be outside either playing or just laying and observing the world around him. He loves to grab logs from the wood pile and carry them around. “Walk softly and carry a BIG stick!” He’s also enamored with drinking out of the outdoor fountain. He is a huge joy to be around and is very comfortable in his foster home and seems to feel nice and secure. He’s even learning some tricks.

Ideal Home: Dom would likely do well in a home with another dog or as an only dog. He does enjoy his own company and is great at entertaining himself. A house with a nice big yard would be ideal. He is so curious he may be better in a home where someone is home most of the time. Since Dom needs to have hip surgery (at GRR's expense), his family must be willing to take him through that surgery and his recovery.


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