Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 22-044

Type of Surrender: Stray, San Antonio

Status: Available

Age: 9-12 months

Weight: 41 pounds

Personality: Sweet Daisy was found stray in San Antonio in a known doggy dumping area! Thank goodness for GRR taking in this sweet dog in.

Daisy is already housebroken and has learned the convenience of the doggy door! She’s terrified of the crate…maybe she was kept in a cage in her short past life.  She’s left free-to-roam with the resident dog when left for short trips.

Daisy is super gentle and sweet and loves everyone -- humans and dogs.  She does jump up but gently. She is all gangly, long legs at this point. She sits politely to get a treat. She is playful with the foster family dog, but he outweighs Daisy by 40 pounds, so the play is a little rough at this point. Daisy is fairly low energy and enjoys hangout with her humans.

The household cat hates dogs, so while Daisy talks to and chases the cat and wants to be friends, “no thanks” says the cat!

She does fine in the truck but has to be lifted in and almost dragged out. With some cute coaxing and positive reinforcement, Daisy will walk on the leash. She definitely needs some proper training in this regard.

Daisy doesn’t seem interested in playing with or retrieving a ball. She’s not had a true opportunity to swim but she happily drinks water from the hose and likes baths in the kiddie pool.

Her behavior in the house is great except for being a counter surfer; however she is getting better about this. She loves to sleep and crash on the couch, as long as she is touching someone, of course. As long as she has human touch, she will chill and hang out on the floor or couch. She does have her playful moments, but she’d rather have human interaction that wrestle with the big dog, Mankana. She is curious about toys but not enough to actually play with them. But she loves to chew elk horns and Nyla-bones.

The last thunderstorm sent Daisy to huddle on the couch with foster dad, but she didn’t panic or show any anxiety.

She is sleeping through the night on her own bed next to Mankana. She’s a bit wiggly when brushing her, but overall, she is fine.

Overall, Daisy is sweet and chill, but when she has a mind to she can run like the wind, like Flash Gordon! She has a great personality and is completely lovable. She is just happy to have a home and be part of a family. Her way of being playful is to roll around on her back and talk. It’s really quite cute.

She has a bit of a fear of the unknown, but who can blame her considering how she was abandoned.

Ideal Home:  While Daisy can be calm at times, she needs to a family who will work with her on training, provide adequate exercise and continue to build her trust and confidence.  She is a relatively low energy dog that enjoys calm, quiet surroundings.  Daisy will do with an older couple or a family with older, calm children.  She can be an only dog or have another dog companion as long as it has similar energy.  Could you be this gentle girl’s forever home?


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