Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 17-106

Type of Surrender: Stray from ACC

Status: Available

Age: 15 weeks

Weight: A whopping 9 pounds!

Update: 10/13/17

Personality: Little Dahlia is doing wonderfully in her new foster home and thoroughly enjoying the company of her foster brother Max. Housetraining is coming along successfully, with few to no accidents anymore. She willingly goes into her crate at bed time and sleeps through the night. Dahlia is learning about walks and behaving on the leash, happily trotting along behind her foster mom.

Typical of a puppy, big or little, Dahlia loves to play. Tug of war is not just for big dogs! And chewing appropriate bones and toys is heaven. She shows a bit of independence by not snuggling up with people when she sleeps, but she does like be near brother Max. When her foster mom was asked to describe her energy level, it was done in one word superlatives: "Feisty! Confident! Fun! Sweet! She is a GREAT puppy!" Dahlia just seems to go with the flow. Everyone seems to love Dahlia.

Ideal Home: While Dahlia does love to play with her brother Max and other dogs, she would likely be fine in a family without other pets. She is confident and happy and very tolerant of children and a chaotic household.


Dahllia came in with her sister Lily. These little squirts are a pair of “Golden Plus” pups - Golden with a little bit of this and a little bit of that!

Lilly & Dahlia were the dose of sunshine on a dreary Hurricane Harvey weekend. They are both very petite puppies but very big in different ways with their sweetness. Lilly is reserved and gentle in her approach whereas Dahlia is outgoing and gregarious. They both enjoy all who cross their paths, be it other dogs, cats, or people. There's an abundance of kisses that they are willing to share with all.

One might think that with the girls being so young and being turned in as strays on a stormy weekend, that they might have experienced some anxiety with all the change.  They settled in with our family, which includes a rambunctious 2 year old dog & 3 year old dog, quite easily.  

Neither puppy is Golden, but ACC was so crowded with dogs during hurrican Harvey, that GRR gladly accepted Lilly & Dahlia. They are a mix breed and while the exact mix unknown, we expect that they will be much smaller than the average golden, the size and/or energy level of existing pets is something to be considered when adopting Lilly or Dahlia.

They really do enjoy the interaction with other dogs so it would be nice to be adopted by a family with existing pets.

Dahlia and Lily Update: 9/25/17

The puppies are both 7..2 pounds today, up from their original 4.75 pounds on 8/27. Even though petite, they are both very active and agile. They love playing with each other and with the big dogs. They have done well with other dogs and met a cat (didn't play, cat isn't playful). They are great with new people - they totally enjoy meeting new people. Having playmates is key for the girls. 
Dahlia (w/white paws) is the more outgoing of the two. She is very adventuresome in checking things out and trying new things. Lilly is a little more cautious but also willing to explore. Dahlia didn't mind her collar & leash. Lilly doesn't like the collar (or leash) and will "freeze".  
Lilly enjoys snuggling. Dahlia will snuggle a bit but has things to do and wants to move on to the next activity pretty quickly. 
Lilly "self soothes" better than Dahlia. If the puppies are in ex-pen or crate,  Dahlia will bark (sometimes a lot) to get out. That can be troublesome in the early hours when still sleeping. Lilly is more patient to be let out. 
Both girls love food and get a bit excited when their meals and/or snacks are being prepared. While both are excited, Lilly can be a bit food aggressive. I separate them when eating (one in ex-pen, one in crate). They are fed 3 x day. 
The girls spend much of the day going back-n-forth with being inside and outside (w/screen panel allowing flexibility). I have my office setup in kitchen next to door so I regularly check on them if they are outside. They are good about staying in the yard area close to the back door and with the big dogs (they all kind of hang together in general area as a pack). They love chewing on sticks and playing chase in the backyard. Because they play with each other and the big dogs, they don't play with the toys as much as they did when they first arrived 3+ weeks ago. Preferable toys are things to chew on but they prefer my crocs to toys. 
They sleep about 6-7 hours a night.  The wakeup call is Dahlia barking. I wait until she settles down so she doesn't think barking gets her out, be it the ex-pen or crate. 
They are mostly good with taking care of potty activities outside.. Lilly seems better with it than Dahlia. 
They are beyond precious and are so fun to watch. Lots of energy and enjoyment of life bundled into the little bodies. It is like having two infants though and a strong need to match up sleep hours so you're not a zombie during waking hours.
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