Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 17-098

Type of Surrdender: Citizens for Animal Protection - Houston

Status: Available Later

Age: 2.5 months

Sweet puppy Chase came to GRR in need of a complicated intestinal surgery. He needs time to recover befoe he can be considered available for adopton. Please check back periodically about his status. In the mean time, here is what we know about Chase:

To see him is to love him! He’s the very soul of puppy charm. Who could resist those shining dark eyes, adorable plush paws, and endearing  fluffy topknot? At first glance, nobody would guess just how much this 11-pounder has already been through. Abandonment, rescue, adoption, return, serious illness, road trip, emergency surgery—all that, and he’s not even 3 months old!

By Friday evening, those irresistible photos were on our Facebook page, along with a plea for transport from Houston straight to the emergency vet. It took about five minutes for our great volunteers to step up! By Saturday afternoon, our little trouper was in the hospital; late Saturday night, he went into surgery; and Sunday morning, he was in recovery. Huge sigh of relief!

Once Chase starts to eat on his own and keep it down, he’ll be ready for the next stage of his adventure—a jaunt to his foster home for some peaceful R & R and lots of yummy, nutritious food. The vet is pretty confident that once he can finally eat as a normal pup should, Chase will make up for lost time and add some much-needed weight to his skinny little frame. Let’s all keep our fingers and paws crossed that the next notation on his chart reads simply this: “Recovery was uneventful and prognosis for a long and happy life is excellent.”

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