Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 18-124

Type of Surrender: Stray from Austin Animal Center

Status: Medical Hold

Age: 3

Charlotte, two weeks later: Her skin is healing and fur growing back in. She has gained 10 lbs so she isn't as starving as she was, but she can probably still gain a few more pounds. All her parasites are now gone. She is dog friendly and enjoys light hearted play. Her foster siblings are a little too vocal/rough for her and it scares her, but she loves playing with smaller dogs where she can be the boss. She's pretty average energy and enjoys running and playing outside, but also knows when to chill out and take it easy. She loves meeting new people who can give her pets and love on her but she is still a little unsure of new places (she gets nervous/skittish when at the vet). We are working with her to teach her some house rules, like what is appropriate to chew on and what is not and not to counter surf. She is slowly learning "sit", but she just gets so excited she doesn't want to sit still! Her new family should be willing to work with her on further training. She loves to stretch out and do the "downward dog" (as seen in one of the pictures) so maybe she could be someone's new yoga partner!



Poor Charlotte (now “lucky” Charlotte for having been rescued by GRR) has a lot of issues right now. This unfortunate little gal is potbellied from starvation – 15 pounds underweight. She’s also suffering from mange and is missing some of what will likely be a beautiful coat someday.

But Charlotte is now with a loving foster family who are bathing and giving her dips regularly and her skin is already showing improvement.

Personality: Charlotte is already settling into her foster home very well and has taken to barking at the kids next door. She has also learned the joys of a bully stick.

Charlotte is just the sweetest thing, and although she is a little confused at this point, she’s not afraid at all and constantly wags her tail, happy to finally be receiving some kind treatment and a nice warm home. She insists on being as close to her foster mom as possible, so she can be available for petting. People may have done her wrong in the past, but she has not lost faith in humanity.

She is still having a series of tests to check for parasites, but the big thing is that she is heartworm negative. Yay!

Ideal Home: When she is ready to be adopted, Charlotte will need a home with a family who will give her the attention she has lived so long without and one that can teach her the manners of the perfect companion.

Check back later for more information as we learn more about Charlotte and she continues to get healthy.





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