Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 20-017

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn In, Leander

Status: Permanent Foster - Charlie is Sponsored by Kelly Topfer and Family

Age: 11

Sponsored by:  Charlie is Sponsored by Kelly Topfer and Family

Background:  In the fall of 2019, Charlie was wondering a neighborhood emaciated and in poor health. Neighbors would occasionally put food out for him but it was obvious he had been neglected for years.  Charlie wondered into a kind woman’s home who took him to the vet for much needed care, fed him and gave Charlie the love and attention he needed.  Unfortunately, this woman was not able to keep Charlie permanently so she surrendered him to GRR.

Today:  Charlie is now getting the care he needs; however, the years of limited medical care and neglect greatly impacted him.  Charlie is Heartworm positive, has urinary infections and Spondylosis which is degeneration of the vertebrae disks in the spine.  However, Charlie’s biggest problem is renal failure as his kidney’s function at only 75% capacity.  GRR is doing everything that can be done medically however his prognosis is not optimistic.

Charlie’s foster family is focused on making Charlie’s life as happy and comfortable as possible.  They take him on short walks and fill his day with lots of love and attention.  While Charlie’s life expectancy is short, he is enjoying each day to the fullest.



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