Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 24-013

Type of Surrender: Stray from WCRAS

Status: Available

Age: 2

Personality: Handsome, sweet, and friendly Cassanova has only been with GRR and in his foster home for a few days. Here is what we know about his personality so far.

Cass, as his fosters call him is reliable house trained and not using a crate. He is free to roam the house and is a perfect gentleman, only chewing on his own toys while mom is away. He has a small jumping habit, but that is being corrected. He’ll get there.

He plays well with other dogs and interacts with the pup in the house from playful to curious to a gentle, cuddly tug-of-war. He wants to play with the cat, but that tends to end up with barking and chasing. He hasn’t been there long enough to know how he is in the car or on a leash. He chases a ball but is not at the point that he will bring it back yet, but he really loves toys and balls. He loves to lay on his back with a squeaky toy in his paws while he squeaks it.

Cass is great in the house and is quite the Velcro dog, being mom’s constant shadow and her companion on the couch for a petting session. He always wants attention and has figured out precious ways to get it. As far as his energy level he is friendly, enthusiastic, and sweet, with a good balance of calmness and energy. Since he’s still basically a puppy he has his shareof goofiness and clumsiness, occasionally falling over himself. He has a luxurious coat and is extremely handsome, using the big, brown soulful eyes to melt your heart.

Ideal Home: Cass is learning commands and needs a family who will follow through with this. His family should understand that he is still a puppy and needs all the love, attention, and training that puppies require. Can you see a place for this beautiful boy in your home?

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