Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 18-099

Type of Surrender: Bell County AC

Status: Available January 15

Age: 18 months



Cardiff is a handsome, good-natured boy (just look at that big, goofy smile) with dark red fur. This high-spirited and beautiful red Golden is equal parts love muffin and athletic field dog that loves to run and explore! Cardiff, or "Card", as his foster family calls him for short, is an intelligent, attentive, eager-to-please boy, that due to an abundance of still youthful exuberance and a late start on training will need lots of continuous obedience work to develop into the gem we believe him to be. He has been evaluated by a GRR trainer and they see promise is this energetic youngster, if he continues to receive training. 

Cardiff has made so much progress during his time with us. He is house broken and has the run of the house without being crated. He sleeps through the night and is great on the leash walking around the neighborhood. He also loves to run in large controlled areas without a leash and is learning to come on command. He sits and waits patiently for his meals, eating only when released. Card is a good car rider, and always up for adventure. He likes to retrieve, although sometimes he doesn’t bring it back, preferring to play ball by himself. He is definitely a water dog. He loves to swim and swims quite well. He knows how to fetch sticks and a duck decoy from the family pond.

When Cardiff is in the house he’s calm and well behaved much of the time, content to just hang out at your feet. But he also has his moments. He is, after all, like most dogs his age a puppy in an adult body! He’s boisterous and likes to jump up on people. Although he loves children, he can be inadvertently rough. His exuberance is also evidenced in his behavior around other dogs where play is often spirited and physical. With a definite mischievous streak, he can be an occasional indoor “dumpster diver” and is sometimes whiny and vocal when he doesn’t get his way. Moreover, Cardiff has a propensity for occasional mouthy/toothiness that sometimes comes into play when clamoring for attention or if he feels he is in trouble. However, Cardiff's trainers and fosters have made steady progress in working through these issues, with noticeable changes resulting from re-establishment of trust and consistently enforced boundaries. Oh, and lots of love (and treats)!

Despite his apparent neediness, Cardiff is smart and oh so sweet. He’s lovable and loving and his foster family completely believes that he can grow out of his bad puppy habits and make somebody a wonderful companion. The solution? Training, training and more training. And, for Cardiff, LOTS of daily activity and abundance of exercise,  patience, and love.

Ideal Family: Cardiff should be with a young or middle-aged family, or single person (preferably without young children) that is active and has lots of time to train and develop this "diamond in the rough" into the great dog GRR believes he can be. No one in his family should be intimidated by dogs, because they need to be able to teach Cardiff who’s the boss! It would be great if his lucky forever family had someone that was home during the day or much of the day to keep up with the attention he requires during this stage in his life.

 See Cardiff at play. Click Here.



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