Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 18-069

Type of Surrender: Waco Animal Shelter.

Status: Available

Age: 10

Weight: 44

Personality: What more can be said about beautiful Benji than “chill.” This senior goldy is happy doing whatever it is you are doing – whether it is hanging around the house, going for a drive, or going for a nice walk around the block. She is delighted to join you on your journey.  

Sweet Benji’s manners are impeccable, allowing her to freely roam the house as she desires. She is house trained, and she sleeps soundly on her bed every night. Benji also relaxes on the rug when the family is hanging out. She is a very respectful lady who does not jump up on furniture.

As much as she respects her home, she respects people even more. She will give a loving and excited hop when she sees her family and meets new friends. She is very careful never to jump on them! Even her limited time around children shows she treats every human with respect. She loves to be with her dog companions, as well. While she has never been observed with a cat, she always tries to play with her foster brother, Colonel, who is typically uninterested in play time.

She is a spirited walker with the enthusiasm of a young pup, always trying to check out new stuff. This can seem a bit erratic the first few walks with someone new but guiding her on the leash helps steady her out. She is also not much one for fetch, but she sure does love playing with the fuzzy ball on her own!

Her foster mom had this to say about her:  "I honestly have nothing bad to say about her inside so far. Absolute sweetheart, doesn't mess with anything, doesn't jump on furniture, is very sweet and calm." How's that for a glowing recommendation?

Ideal Home: This sweet, sugar-faced golden deserves a home who wants a companion by their side. She would do well both solo or in a house with another dog that she can play with. Her ideal home could also be a smaller smaller home or condo with a family who works and is gone all day. She is a senior and cannot do long adventures, but if you want a loving, compassionate golden retriever who will settle right into your routine, then this is your girl!


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