Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number:  17-107

Type of Surrender:  Owner Surrender

Status:  June 1

Age: 18 months

Weight:  75 lbs

Personality: Banks is a beautiful, blonde boy who is completely housetrained and loves children and older kids. There were children in his previous home. Banks is visually impaired in one eye. He has an appointment with an ophthalmologist on May 25 so will know more then. The impairment doesn’t seem to hold him back much. Banks has also had seizures, but these are controlled by daily medication.

Banks gets excited and does like to jump up on people, but currently turning your back on him, closing your eyes and ignoring him makes him stop. Banks is he is getting some professional training to help with this and a couple of other issues with his manners. He’s just a teenager, and you know how teenagers can be! But the training is working wonderfully.

Oh he loves going in the car. He LOVES to ride with his head sticking out the window, and recently learned the wonders of a drive through. "I'llhave a number two combo, please."

Banks loves to play with other dogs and will bouncy, bouncy, bouncy around them and bow to initiate play. He can get a little rowdy with other dogs, another example of adolescent behavior that is being worked on.

Now that he has settled into his foster home, Banks does well on the leash. He loves his foster mom’s pool. He even fell in one day in the deep end and did just fine. There are 4 other dogs in his foster home and apparently this is a rite of passage here!

Inside the house Banks can be a bit rambunctious (teenagers!). He wants to play all the time and his foster brothers and sisters aren’t always as interested as he is. When Banks has a toy, he just gets right to tearing at it. He loves to destuff toys - and spread the stuffing around.   It's easy to take a toy from him, though, that he's destuffing.  After picking up several toys, he have a silly habit of running by and trying to swipe one.  I'm working on that, and he'll usually only do it once in a toy pick up session.

He’s a very talented boy. He can throw the ball in the air and catch it and the do it again, and again, and again! He loves toys and loves to have them thrown so he can chase. He's not naughty, but can get get destructive if left home for a long time even with dog friends.  He's extremely human centered.  He has a goof side, that's for sure. HIs foster mom was filling up one of the dog food bins and he just stuck his whole head in the open bin and started munching on the kibble left at the bottom.  Have you ever tried to get a dog's head out of a kibble bin?  It wasn't easy.

Asked about Banks’ activity level, his foster mother said that he is active and outgoing, particularly around other young dogs.  Banksie is such a sweet guy.  He has such a solid personality - he's a velcro golden, has to be wherever you are, and is so very affectionate.  He loves to snuggle and his tail wags constantly.  He's outgoing to all he meets, but he doesn't emanate a high energy vibe. The only time I've heard him bark is when there are dogs barking on television.

Ideal Home:  Banksie needs a home where people are able to be home, and will dedicate the time to spending with him.  He likes to have dogs, kids and others to play with.  He loves to sleep next to his family at night, and would be fine on the floor.  The home should probably have few stairs. 

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