Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number:  17-107

Type of Surrender:  Owner Surrender

Status:  Available

Age: 1 yr

Weight:  75 lbs

Banks Update: 10/27/17 - Read here for a little more recent information on Banks.

Banks is a wonderful dog looking for a wonderful home.  At just over 1 year, Banks is anything but an obnoxious pup.  He loves to chew on his toys and throw them around a bit.  He even has a favorite toy he will swing round and round until he “boops” himself on the head!  Even though he’s playful, he has an incredibly sweet demeanor.  He “sits”, “lies down”, and “leaves it” like a “Good Boy!”  At night he will curl up on his dog bed in his fosters room and sleep with the rest of the family pack! 

Banks is currently living with another pup in the home and loves to play games of King of the Hill by climbing on the couch above his pup brother. 

Banks is a healthy boy except for two major health issues.  The first, is an inherited cataract in his right eye which severely limits his vision.  His mobility, however, is not affected by this condition and he still gets around well. Banks also had a couple of seizures during bath time and at night when his foster parents found out he suffered from epilepsy.  After visiting the vet and getting his meds, he hasn’t had ANY episodes and takes his meds well. 

Banks hasn’t been around small children but does great with older children in the family foster home.  He harasses the cats a little, but plays well with the other dog, wrestles and barks to get his attention.  Inside he is calm unless he’s feeling good and gets the occasional playful pup frenzy jumping up and down with joy.  He’s great on walks for a short period of time can be stubborn when he’s done.

Ideal Home:    Banks would love a home with a pup brother or sister and older kids.  An average energy family who likes to go on walks and is very loving is his ideal home.  Banks would appreciate a one-story home.


Initial Story:

Personality: Banks is a “tall, blond and handsome” laid back guy.  As a large almost one year old, he has all the attractive instincts of a young Golden, but with only a dash of the puppy craziness that accompanies it.  Whenever playing with other dogs, wrestling with them or barking to attract attention, he never forgets the true value of a good nap! Sleeping is one of his favorite activities after a good work out. He has a calm energy level, with spurts of puppiness occasionally coming out as the feeling strikes him.

Banks has shown his super sweet, friendly personality to everyone he meets. His foster says he has made great progress in accepting cats for what they are, and has sworn off chasing their chickens entirely. He has remarkable inside manners, and instinctively does not get on the furniture.  (Now that is something). To top that, he also has no interest in counter surfing in the kitchen.  In the short time at his fosters’, Banks has mastered “sit” and “stay” really well, and is making rapid progress on “down” and “come”.

Banks has visited the vet for his checkup, and the vet reports he is in excellent shape, with one exception.  Banks has a pigment behind one eye and therefore has poor vision in that eye.  He will be seeing a veterinary specialist to determine if there is any improvement to be had.  Let one thing be certain, though - Banks has not let his eye sight slow him down one bit!  He just loves frolicking in water from the garden hose, and reportedly enjoyed swimming with his previous owner.

Going on walks is just fine with Banks too, just don’t let the walk get too boring, or he will park his behind on the ground and not budge!  He prefers to take the walk at a stroll, and leave the running buddy role to someone else.  Riding in the car has gone great after a little encouragement in getting in (and out) of the car. Road trips are just fine with him.

Beautiful Mr. Banks will be a great companion for any family looking for a young, well-mannered Golden with just the right amount of zip to liven things up.

 Ideal Home:    Banks would be best in a one story household as going down stairs is challenging with his eye sight.  A home with older children would be great, since he is so people-focused and attentive to your goings-on.

To learn about the adoption process and complete an application, click here.   We do not guarantee the availability of the dog that you have expressed interest in as it may be matched to another waiting family.  However, there are always new dogs available as rescue is dynamic.  We appreciate your interest in adopting a rescued golden.


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