Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 18-082

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn In

Status: Available

Age: 2

Weight: 60

Avery has bounced from family member to family member to friends several times during her short life.  She was eventually surrendered when she was ‘very pregnant’ and the owner felt they couldn’t raise puppies.  Shortly after coming into GRR, Avery had 11 beautiful puppies who became the GRR Lunchable litter.  Unfortunately, Avery didn’t take well to motherhood and rejected the puppies.  So, the puppies were moved to GRR foster homes who raised each one.  All the puppies are now health, happy, 3.5 month old dogs who are living in their adopting homes.

Personality: Back to Avery:  Avery has spent the past 3 months becoming healthy and spending time with professional trainers; building confidence, learning to trust and how to go to public places, meet new people and interact with other dogs.

Avery is making great progress in all areas.  She’s an exuberant two-year old who loves humans and needs lots of exercise and mental stimulation.  Avery enjoys hikes on trails and ANYTHING to do with water as Avery loves to swim.  She is learning to walk well on leash and basic commands of sit, stay and down. 

Avery wants to be where the action is so she likes to be with her people when home.  Avery does not show separation anxiety issues and can be left crated or free-to-roam.  However, she’s best not left alone all day.

Avery will show some reactivity to unknown, high-energy dogs during play and around high value resources.  To address, her trainer has taken her on many outings in various locations and her reactivity is lower but her adopting family will need to continue to work on this.  Her trainer has offered to work with the adopter as needed.

Ideal Home: Avery will do best in an only-dog home; however she will do fine in a home which has another nice, calm dog that has good doggy-communication skills.  She will do well with older, calm children who respect dogs.   Avery’s ideal home is an individual, couple or family (older children only) who will continue to support her training and provide consistency and stimulation.  Avery is easily excitable so she does best in a calm environment.

Avery is an exuberant, beautiful girl who loves people and is learning to enjoy life.  She is a lot of dog and needs someone to continue working with her.  In return, Avery will give you much love. 

You can watch two videos of Avery:



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