Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 23-106

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn In

Status: Matched

Age: 6

Update: December 28

Asher is a friendly, affectionate, cuddly Golden who is sometimes wiggly and other times calm.  Asher is always a Velcro dog as he loves to be with humans.  He has been in foster care for a couple of weeks and is gaining confidence and transitioning from being skittish and nervous to friendly, playful and curious.  Asher is housebroken and crate trained; however he does not use a crate in his foster home and is left free to roam when the foster is gone.

He enjoys walks and his leash behavior is improving as he is going from pulling and lunging (walk 1) to walking and listening to the foster for direction.  Aster likes to carry things in his mouth and the foster is working on teaching him to ‘give up’ an item by trading for a higher value item.  His ball is high value so he’ll easily trade a stick or stone for his treasured ball.  Aster enjoys being outside and will find sticks and stones to carry around and occasionally dig for a special treasure. 

Ideal home:  Asher is a loving, happy, playful boy who loves people and wants to please and be loved in return. He needs a family who will continue training, leash skills, consistency and building his confidence.  Another dog with similar energy is fine or Asher will be fine as an only dog because he’s very focused on being with humans.  A family that will take him places, spend time with him and make him a true member of the family is ideal.  Could you be Asher’s forever family?

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