Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 19-074

Type of Surrender: Stray, SAACF

Status: Medical Hold

Age: 6

Weight: 46 - needs to gain about 20

Personality: Arthur is learning this new world of being an indoor dog who is loved and adored. It seems he went through a bit of a rough patch before finding his way into the loving arms of Gold Ribbon Rescue, but he isquickly learning the good life is the life for him!

Arthur is an adorable 6-year-old golden through and through. Everyone he has come into contact with insists that he is incredibly sweet, gentle, and very lovable. He has had very little issues getting used to living indoors and quickly learning to be house broken. He is also doing great being left alone throughthe day roaming freely in his own room.

Arthur is a curious little guy. He is learning how to walk with a leash. He pulls a little bit, but is getting used to this new activity. He also enjoys exploring the house and getting used to his new space. Sometimes he will pop up to check out what’s being cooked on the counter, but he has never stolen any food. He’s just checking things out!

Currently Arthur is receiving treatment for heart worms and transmissible venereal tumors (TVT). He also has hookworms and spondylosis which cause degenerative changes in his spine. His energy is low to average and he is about 20 pounds underweight. Our goal through GRR is to fully promote this young man into his full golden potential! We’re working on putting some more weight on him by enticing him with some quiche in his dog food, which seems to be working!

So far, he has gotten along great with all the dogs he has met, but cats aren’t really his thing. Due to his TVT he isn’t getting much interaction with other dogs, but our hopes are that once he is better that will all change. It would be best to start him in a home with no other dogs or dogs that can be easily separated to prevent transmission of the TVT.

Ideal Home: Arthur needs a no-cat home that is willing to put in some effort to continue his treatment and get him up to his goal health. In exchange you will receive a boy who is gentle, loving, and a great member of the family. They must also be willing to see him through his hearworm treatment (at GRR's expense, of coure. If Arthur is the boy for you, contact GRR today!


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