Adoption Application

Please read these Gold Ribbon Rescue policies carefully before you fill out your application.

We have recently received a large volume of adoption applications, so we are temporarily not accepting new applications.  Please check back as the status will change.  We are accepting new foster applications; however, please note first-time fosters may not adopt their first foster dog.

Fees: There is a $25 non-refundable Application Fee, we reserve the right to deny an application for any reason. The application fee does not apply to fostering. There is an adoption fee of $400.00 ($250.00 for a Senior Dog) less the application fee for approved applicants. If you are fostering and you decide to adopt that dog, the total adoption fee will be $400.00 or $250.00 for a senior dog.

Fences: GRR requires a fenced yard (dog parks do not qualify). If GRR makes an exception to allow an apartment dweller to adopt (or foster) without a fence; you must live on the ground floor or have access to an elevator for the dog. GRR does not accept an invisible fence as an appropriate fence. Additionally, GRR may consider placing a dog age 8 or older in a residence without a fence. Note: a slightly younger dog may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Children: Golden Ribbon Rescue no longer adopts dogs to families with children under the age of 8 years old (repeat adopters will be considered on a case by case basis). This also applies to fostering. This policy is for the benefit and safety of your children. Our goal is to set realistic expectations for prospective applicants.

Availability: We currently have a waiting list so the process can take from a week to several months depending on the type of dog you want. Please remember the more specific your criteria the longer it may take to find a dog for you. Factors such as young children, work schedules and lack of a fence may make some dogs unavailable to you. If you are looking for a dog quickly, then our program may not be right for you.

Resident Dog(s): Resident dogs must be neutered/spayed unless there is a legitimate medical reason.

Puppies: Dogs under 6 months old should not be left longer than 4-hour increments.

Service dogs: GRR does not place adoptive dogs to be service dogs for physical, mobility or psychological reasons.

Previous adopters: Require a new interview and/or home visit if 5 years have passed since last adoption (address change, new pets or family members will initiate new phone interview and/or home visit). Otherwise no interview or home visit needed up to 5 years, but there is an “at our discretion” clause that may require one or both to be completed sooner.

Out of state applicants: We cannot consider applicants outside the state of Texas due to the inability to complete the home visit portion of our interview process. We do not ship or transport dogs. If you are from Texas but outside of the Austin or San Antonio areas, and wish to work with us, you must be willing to drive to meet and adopt a dog. We must have a GRR Volunteer in your area who will be able to complete the home visit portion of the application process.

The agreement you sign when you adopt: This is a voided contract for an adult dog. Similar contracts are fashioned to meets the needs of a puppy and to a senior dog.

Important Note: Please be very careful to answer each question, should you skip an answer, you will need to press the back button on your browser to complete the question. You may keep typing at the end of a line to complete an answer if needed.

Adoption Application
First Name(s) of Applicant (Please list all adults living in the home): *
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We have recently received a large volume of adoption applications, so we are temporarily not accepting new applications.  Please check back as the status will change.  We are accepting new foster applications; however, please note first-time fosters may not adopt their first foster dog.
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Gold Ribbon Rescue Foster Agreement

Thank you for your interest in becoming a foster parent for Gold Ribbon Rescue (GRR). Please read and sign the following. Our insurance carrier requires we have signed forms on file for all foster families prior to placing a dog in the home.

Because I wish to assist GRR in its rescue efforts, I do hereby willingly volunteer to provide a foster home for GRR dog(s). I understand that it is my responsibility to keep my own pets up to date on their vaccinations before a foster dog is placed in my home. I understand that the medical and behavior history of most foster dogs is unknown and GRR cannot be held responsible for any inadvertent exposure of foster parents or their own animals to disease, illness or injury.

I understand that the foster dog must be adopted out through GRR’s adoption procedures. I agree not to turn over my foster dog to the care of another without first getting approval from GRR and that the foster dog must not be abandoned, sold or in any other manner transfer ownership to another party. I understand that GRR representatives have the right to visit my home and examine the dog at any time and retains the right to remove the dog from my care if deemed it would be in the best interest of the dog and/or foster home. I agree should it become necessary for GRR to take legal action to recover the foster dog, to pay all court costs and legal fees. I understand that GRR will pay all medical expenses for GRR foster dogs. I understand that I must contact a GRR representative prior to taking a foster dog to a veterinarian, unless the situation is an emergency. If I have to leave the dog with the vet, I will notify the vet’s office that the dog belongs to GRR, and provide the contact information for the rescue.

I understand that I must have GRR’s pre-approval before committing to any medical procedures or treatment, unless the procedure is necessary to save the dog’s life. I understand that if I choose to take the dog to a non-participating veterinarian I will be liable for the resulting veterinary expenses, unless it is a life-threatening situation.

As a foster, I agree to:

  • Provide the dog with nutritious food and clean drinking water
  • Provide the dog with a safe and loving environment
  • Notify GRR immediately if the foster dog is lost or stolen
  • Never strike the dog or in any way cause intended harm or neglect
  • Keep the foster dog on leash at all times when not in a fenced area
  • Keep the foster dog indoors when no one is at home and at night
  • Never transport the dog in an open vehicle such as the bed of a pick-up truck
  • Not allow the dog to participate in any kind of negative training including guard or attack training
  • Not allow the dog to participate in any form of dog fighting activities
  • Not allow the dog to be used in any kind of experimentation or research
I understand that there is inherent risk including property damage and personal injury and/or illness when caring for a foster dog. I knowingly accept this risk on behalf of myself, others living in and/or visiting my home, my own animals and/or visiting animals and my property. I understand that GRR will not be liable for any injury or damage to persons, animals or property caused by a foster dog in my care and I agree to indemnify and hold harmless Gold Ribbon Rescue, its Officers, Directors, Members and Representatives from any injury, illness or damage to persons or property.

I have read and understood this Foster Agreement. I am signing this agreement of my own free will and not under duress of any kind. By signing this document I agree to abide by all the stipulations herein.

Are you former adopters or fosters from Gold Ribbon Rescue? * Yes   No
If you are a former adopter/foster, how long ago was this?
If you are a former adopter/foster, please list all new adults, children and pets who reside in the home and their ages.
If you are a former adopter/foster, have you changed your residence since you adopted or fostered? Yes   No
What are your typical work hours? *
Type of dwelling: *
Do you Own or Rent your home, if Rent do you have the landlords permission to have a dog over 50 pounds? *
Do you have stairs, if yes, how many flights of stairs?
Do you have an elevator?
Landlord's Name:
Landlord's Email Address:
Landlord's Phone:
Do you have a fenced yard?
(GRR policy only allows placing senior Goldens in homes without a fence.) *
Number of Adults living in household *
Ages and sex of adults living in household *
Number of children living in household *
What are the ages and sex of children living with you or frequently visiting?
Are any residents allergic to animals or dander? *
Do any residents have asthma? *
If Yes, how is it controlled?
Type of Golden
Why do you want a Golden Retriever? *
What type of dog are you looking for? (check all that apply or No Preference)
Age Preference:
0-6 Months 6-12 Months 1-2 Years 3-4 Years 4-5 Years
5-7 Years Senior (8+) years No Preference    
Energy Level Preference:
Couch Potato Average High No Preference  
Sex Preference:
Only Male Prefer Male Only Female Prefer Female No Preference
Have you ever bred dogs? *
Do you plan to breed dogs? *
What pets do you currently own? List the name, type, age, and sex of each pet:
Pet #1 Name
How long have you owned this pet?
Spayed or Neutered
Pet #2 Name
How long have you owned this pet?
Spayed or Neutered
Pet #3 Name
How long have you owned this pet?
Spayed or Neutered
Pet #4 Name
How long have you owned this pet?
Spayed or Neutered
Dog's Lifestyle
Have you ever owned a dog? *
If yes, please list the dog(s) breed, ages, sex and what happened to them:
Where will the dog be during the day while you are at home? *
Where will the dog be during the night? *
Where will the dog be when left home alone (example: at work, running errands, etc.)? *
Number of hours dog will be alone each day? *
How will the dog be exercised? *
Who will care for your pet when you and your family are out of town? *
Are there any special activities the dog would participate in (Hunting, Running, Hiking, Swimming, Camping, etc.)? *
Are you willing to consider a special needs dog (i.e. blind, deaf, thyroid medication, etc.)? *
Have any of your pets ever been diagnosed positive for heartworms? (if this does not apply, please answer no) *
Are your current pets on heartworm preventative? What brand? *
If you move what will you do with your pet? *
Do you have a current Veterinarian? *
If yes, Please provide the following information:
Clinic Name
Other Information
Is there anything else you would like us to know in considering your application?
What other rescue groups are you currently working with? *
What other rescue groups have you worked with in the past? *
Are you working with a service dog program (yes or no)?
If Yes, the name of the organization(s)
Are you prepared to provide for the dog for the next 10 or more years? * Yes
Good dog care in our area can cost $1200 annually. This includes annual vet care, inoculations, parasite testing, monthly heartworm & flea preventative, quality dog food, toys, miscellaneous equipment, boarding/kennel fees, grooming and other supplies. This does not include any injuries, or illnesses the dog may incur.
Will you spend this to support a dog? If not, please do not submit this application.
How did you hear about Gold Ribbon Rescue? *
If Internet or Other please describe:
Check this box and then press the "Submit Application" button below to begin the application review process. GRR reserves the right to refuse any applicant.

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