Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 19-090

Type of Surrender: Owner Surrender

Status: Roxy is undergoing heartworm treatment and will be available in March

Age: 2

Weight: 47

Personality: Roxy appears to be a beautiful Golden Retriever/Lab mix. Her family’s home burned to the ground and they could no longer take care of her, so here she is in a loving GRR foster family waiting for the perfect forever home to come along.

At this point in her foster home, she has had no accidents in the house. Roxy is crated when she is left alone and does not jump up on people when excited. She shows some interest in the house cat but is a good girl and does not chase it. Roxy is an all over calm and good girl both in the house and in the car. She pulls when on a walk, anxious to see what’s ahead. She may have never had any leash training.

In the house Roxy is still not sure of her surroundings – everything is all new to her – so she’s very quiet, shy and sedate. But she is comfortable enough to sleep through the night. All in all, Roxy is a very sweet dog. Although she is unsure, she just wants to be close to her foster family and does everything she can to please them.

Ideal Home: Since Roxy is still a bit shy and unsure, she needs a family that is quiet, stable and patient. They need to work with her to make her surer of herself and ensure that she is loved. Roxy will do best with another nice dog in the house.

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