Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 20-043

Type of Surrender: Stray from Weslaco Shelter

Status: Available

Age: 4-5

Weight: 55

Personality: Ollie hasn’t been with his GRR foster parents but a few days, so here is the little we know about him so far. He does potty regularly when taken outside and he is left baby-gated when left alone at this point.

Ollie has had no real exposure to dogs except from a distance while on a walk (and he, by the way, is VERY good on the leash). He stops to look at them but no signs of anxiety or excitable behavior. As far as riding in the car, he’d much rather be in the front seat with the driver.

Ollie will chase a toy, but doesn’t seem to care about retrieving at this point, although he picked up a ball the minute he walked into his new foster home. He has not been around water. In general, he’s pretty calm in the house but does show some anxiety, including separation anxiety (after all he’s in a new environment) so he is a bit high anxiety some of the time. As a result, he’s pretty shy, with low energy. His goal in life right now is to be petted and cuddled and is slowly coming out of his shell.

He’s quite food motivated and is thus open to some training.

Ideal Home: Ollie needs a quieter house because he gets startled easily. Hopefully this will change the more he comes out of his shell

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