Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 21-065

Type of Surrender: Owner Surrender

Status: Available Soon

Age: 9

Weight: 44

Personality: Honey came from a home with several other dogs where she’d been for 7-8 years. She and the other dogs didn’t have much in the way of training and socialization, therefore Honey has a very timid personality. Her confidence never expanded beyond that small comfort zone. It’s possible that poor honey was even mistreated before coming to this home, as well. But Honey is with GRR in a wonderful foster home where she is learning about love and how life really should be.

Since she has been in her foster home, things are going slowly but well. She had an accident when she first came in the house, but nothing since. Honey is allowed to roam freely in parts of the home. When given a treat, she may or may not take it. It seems she is more timid than hungry. She’s fine with the other dog in the house, but cautious with her. Honey will follow her out of the house but does not interact with her. She’s not been observed with cats and hasn’t been given any toys yet.

Honey jumps in and out of the car like a pro and is good traveler. She hasn’t had any walks yet and doesn’t seem fond of the leash. She likely didn’t have any experience with the art of leash-walking at her past home, but some training will take care of that.

She’s very calm in the house and spends a lot of time under foster mom’s bed. If mom goes into the backyard, Honey will usually follow her. If mom goes out front or gets too far away, Honey will bark. She doesn’t want to be too for away from her foster mom and doesn’t like to be left alone. If Honey is under the bed, mom can lay down on the floor next to her, Honey loves to be petted all over her entire body. Honey will sleep through the night and doesn’t make a peep and is graduating to dog bed instead of under the human bed.

Ideal Home: Honey needs a quiet home without a lot of people or animals since she is so timid still. Her family members need to get down and get close to her to give her love and attention. Honey will need some training in certain areas that were ignored in her past life.



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