Tree of Hope 2013

Gold Ribbon Rescue - 2013 Tree of Hope

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We've finished the 2013 Tree of Hope --- our online holiday tree that your donation decorates with ornaments and presents.

This year, through your generosity, our 2013 Tree of Hope donations totaled $7,000 --- all of which went towards our Extraordinary Golden Fund (EGF).

Our online holiday tree is a wonderful way to pay honor to a family member (two- or four-legged), celebrate a birthday or anniversary or remember the passing of a loved family member. It is guaranteed to fill your heart with Christmas spirit, as you return again and again to read the warm wishes and tributes. The Tree of Hope a great way to help celebrate the holiday season.

Happy holidays to you and your family. Thank you for supporting our goldens.

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Martha Webb

Love you, Abby, Nana and Emy. We miss you.

Carolyn and Ed Galle

In memory of our beloved GRR dog, Angie, who was an awesome therapy dog for 10 years and brought joy to many.

Judy and Mike Sohn

Merry Christmas from Sonny, Roni and Mandy

Carl and Patsy Monaco

In memory of our son, Colin, who was called Home way too early.

Michelle Goldberg and Bob Benson

We have purchased the Angel dog in honor and loving memory of Cheyenne, Sierra and Dakota, who will live in our hearts forever.

Paula Ellis

In Honor of Candy O'Connor who lovingly fosters so many golden seniors and special needs dogs.

Dennis Bobincheck

For all the great work helping dogs that are suffering, and those in need of finding their forever homes.

Cam Snyder

In Honor of Ann and Nick Nichols

In Honor of Emily Tuczkowski

In Honor of John and Liz Horne

Pat Capin

In Loving memory of our boy, Riley (04-103) and of the Nichol’s GRR dog Oliver 00-052. And of course for Rita Copeland, a great GRR foster Mom.

Cliff Visel

In Loving memory of Mr Stewart.

Anne and Doug Williams

Remembering Mason Clyde. The best little Golden Ambassador who showed the way for so many fosters at Candy's house. We miss him terribly. Lovingly, Anne and Doug Williams

Vicky and Bruce Cloud

In memory of our beautiful golden girl - Tasha Bella Cloud - March 2002 - Aug 2013

Marcia and Gayle Kemble

In honor of our recently adopted Maggie and Champ who have made our lives so special this holiday season!

Barbara Wolfe

Gift in honor of J.T. and Christina Burgess, and their new puppy Lucy.

John and Kathy Simmons

In memory of our sweet angels Molly and Bailey

Michelle Goldberg and Bob Benson

Because without GRR we wouldn't have our babies; Sedona, Durango, Juneau and Kona.

Janet and Neil Martin

In memory of our beloved Cambria.

Connie and Matt Sullivan

In honor of our wonderful dog Zeus, who will remain in our hearts forever. We miss him everyday.

Jim and Nancy Reiners

In memory of Willie.

Bob and Marion Arnold

In memory of our grandson Blake. We adopted our precious Marilynne on the same day Blake passed, a day we shall never forget

Mardi and David Clissold

To GRR, especially Meg and Carey, thank you for assisting with our adoption of Duncan

Susan Dumas

In memory of Callie and Lille Sherman.

Susan Dumas

In honor of Libby and Boomer.

Susan Mayfield

In memory of Beau, Bonnie and Sailor. They are our three golden angels who will always be in our hearts.

Paul and Brenda Mason

In loving memory of Sam-wise and Pippen, our angel dogs

John and Liz Horne

In memory of Thunder, Missy, Phoebe, Annie and Abbey

Mike and Paula Ellis

In honor of Layla and Lady who are two wonderful GRR goldens.

Denise Gates and Roy Willis

In loving memory of our first golden, Cooper. He and GRR changed our lives.

Amy Churchill

Remembering Chase....

Nancy McGowan

Merry Christmas Doolin Finn, Rowarn, Atticus and all my other golden angels!

Susan Scott

For the vets and staff at Forest Creek Animal Hospital who take such great care of my furbabies as well as all my GRR fosters.

Susan Scott

Happy Holidays from my three GRR angels, Tyner, Ruby and Sailor

LBG and the boys

In honor of GRR volunteer Joe Matlock and in memory of his beloved golden, Jar-Jar, who's dedicated and faithful spirit will forever be soaring.

Kimberly Thomas

In memory of my sweet golden, Maddie, who left pawprints on my heart.

Elizabeth Vetter

Thank you for bringing Apollo into our lives - he is a blessing.

Susan Wilson

In memory of our sweet Magic, the golden who stole our hearts, who we lost in September 2010.

Susan Wilson

In honor of 13-126 Boss, who I evaluated and fell in love with, 13-100 Dale and 13-101 Rusty, who we stashed and fell in love with, and 13-145 Jack and 13-146 Gordy who we transported and can't wait to see flourish in their new foster homes.

Sarah Mead

In Honor of the great volunteers of GRR and Bailey/Allie

Carolyn Whitten

In honor of our Golden girls Samantha, Sandy, and Daisy.

Meagan Noble

In honor of our two wonderful GRR dogs, Shiner (Boo, GRR 07-132) and Muffin (GRR 11-108).

Mary Evans

In honor of all the wonderful GRR volunteers. For all the wonderful work you do in saving these wonderful dogs. Also for our GRR 09-120 Apollo who we adore!

Joe and Paulette Lance

In honor of Charlie, our sweet GRR boy.

Scott and Sheila Thomas

In memory of Saylor, the best rabbit friend a Golden could ask for. We miss you dearly sweet Saylor, but hope you are binking with Sassy, Cannon, Synda and Mickey D.
Love, 05-064 Rusty, 09-156 Aspen, 11-045 Krispy, 13-008 Jazz

Lera Borden

In honor of Abbey (aka Strudel 2009) and Nikki (aka Picnic 2011)

Beth and Mike Bennett

In memory of our beloved golden Timber who passed away in August. His passing led to the adoption of Kai who adds joy to our lives every day.

Justin and Elise Stubbe

In memory of Grover, we miss you so much.

Mike Handowski

Robert Ullrich

Happy Holidays from Banx and Cheyenne!

Arlene Zirkel

In memory of Molly who passed just before Christmas last year and in celebration of Valentino who joined our family right after Valentines Day.

Pam Phillips

In memory of Sam

Dean Phillips

In memory of Sam

Jean Alme

In honor of Saxon and Bunny

Max Ploeger

Sandra Burton

Susan Perry

In memory of Maggie, Jake and Hannah Rose

Susan Perry

Joy for Oakley and Revo

Dee Dee Stoner

In memory of Sonny, 03-004, who is greatly missed by his lab brother Jack, his Beagle sister Sweetie, and most of all me. He'll never be forgotten.

Jana Schermerhorn

Kim Fouke

In loving memory of our first Golden, Cassie, who brought more love to our than we ever thought could be possible. Losing Cassie left a hole in our hearts, but soon adter GRR brought us sweet Mollie who has brought us joy, laughter and love every day. Thank you to all the volunteers who make GRR such a blessing to so many!

Lael Wilder

In memory of Holly our first Golden Retriever and in honor of Lacey (Layla) our GRR adoptee & Murphy our sheltie (who thinks from time to time he's a golden). Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All! Woofs and hugs to all GRR goldens and their families!

Mary Solis

In honor of my guys, Buff and Abbey. I miss you more than you can know.

Anne and Doug Williams

Celebrate goldens past, present and future. They give us so much love.

Jayne May

In memory of Sonny Stoner

Tommy and Carol Blackwell

In Memory of 02-122 Butters. He was our first GRR boy. We will always love you Butters Blackwell!

Tommy and Carol Blackwell

Honoring 12-093 Casey, 12-170 Ruger 13-058 Happy and 13-111 Francis

Tommy and Carol Blackwell

In memory of 12-050 Lexus…..a foster dog that taught us so much about life. We miss you!

Jeanne Alexander and John Thorse

We so appreciate the wonderful volunteers who create GRR. Thank you for Truman and our current dog, Custer.

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