Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 19-047

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn In           

Status: Available

Age: 13

Weight: 90

Trooper had seen it all before GRR came to his rescue. His story was a real mess. Trooper’s owner moved away and left him with a family member. Long story short, he was eventually abandoned (which is particularly sad taking into account how much he loves companionship) and went through a lot before he fell into the hands of GRR.

Personality: Trooper is completely housebroken and between that and his overall good behavior, there is no reason for him to ever be crated. So, being free to roam he chooses to be within one foot of his human partner at all times! He doesn’t jump on people and is just fine around children.

He does fine with the other dogs in the house, learning to read the signals to “leave me alone” from Thorne, one of his foster brothers. Trooper is very chill and doesn’t run around or play with the other dogs. For a 13-year old, he’s pretty agile and has no problems with the steps on the back porch. His foster folks have yet to see him with a toy in his mouth.

Trooper is a perfect leash walker. He has not been around water yet and has done just fine with all the recent thunderstorms. He sleeps through the night without needing any middle of the night potty trips.

Trooper is fine being brushed or petted.  His skin, especially on his back is very itchy.  He is being given medicated baths to try to help.  He loves to roll around on his back to scratch it himself.  He will do it for 5 minutes straight at times with quite a loud moaning sound, letting it be known just how good it feels.  At first his foster folks came running to make sure nothing was wrong, but it's just his exuberance over how good it feels.

Overall, Trooper is very sweet, very calm, and nothing seems to ruffle him.  By his age he's seen it all. His foster family hasn't found anyone at this point that he doesn't get along with.  He's a great dog.  He did awesome with the fireworks last night which were going off full blast all around, and it isn't because of his poor hearing.

Ideal Home: Trooper needs a home where someone is home all the time. He doesn’t really have separation anxiety (there is no destruction after being left alone), but he is truly unhappy when he doesn’t have a human nearby. Maybe you are that human, one who understands Trooper is a lover and companion, not a fetch or running buddy.

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