Positive for heartworms?: 

GRR#:  16-108

Age: 12+

Sponsored by: Skeeter is co-sponsored by Ann Hardy and Ann Woody and John White

Skeeter had been used for breeding for most of her 7 years — living in a backyard was all she knew. As a result, Skeeter was not socialized and quite shy. With positive reinforcement, patience, love and being with other calm Goldens in her foster home, Skeeter has made significant progress. She will always be sensitive, timid and fearful of new situations but Skeeter continues to grow emotionally and socially and is starting to enjoy the ‘good life.’

Because of Skeeter’s extreme shyness, skittishness and fear of new people and situations, GRR has made Skeeter a Permanent Foster so her forward progress continues. 


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