Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 20-035

Type of Surrender: Stray from ACC

 Status: Available

 Age: 4 months

 Weight: 18

Personality: Little Sally is a Golden Retriever mix with blue eyes, of all things, and a white ridge of fur going down her spine. Her ears and coat are getting darker every day. She has oodles of puppy personality!

She was found by a good Samaritan near I-35 who snatched her up. She is a lucky girl that she didn’t wander onto I-35. Once she made it to the vet from the shelter thanks to the Good Sam, she perked right up, eating, wagging and being overall “sweet.”

Sally is very smart and has figured out how to get into everything. She loves to play with large boxes and drags a large broom around the yard. She also loves her stuffies and brings all of them to the room she is in. She hasn't destroyed one yet. She retrieves tennis balls and brings them back to you every time.

Sally is very independent. Although she wants you outside with her or in the same room, she does not want to be cuddled. There are too many things to do and explore.
There is an outside cat and an indoor/outdoor cat in Sally's foster home. In the mornings we all sit outside for at least an hour. She pretty much torments the cats but they are not afraid of her and put up with her as long as they can. She is going through the "terrible twos" right now and likes to nip and chew. That's when it's time for training mode, but sometimes she just goes into a typical puppy frenzy, which promptly turns into "time out" where she promptly falls asleep.

Sally hasn’t had an accident in the house for 5 days. She doesn’t jump up and is very gentle when she takes her treats. Sally is starting to learn about the leash. She lets foster mom groom her although she is quite the wiggle-worm.

Ideal Family: It goes without saying that Sally needs a family that has the patience and ability to train a crazy puppy. Her family should be active enough to keep Sally active and give her plenty of exercise. Another dog in the house would be ideal for her as well as children, because kids and puppies just go together!


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