Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 19-100

Type of Surrender: New Braunfels Shelter           

Status: Available

Age: 5-6

Weight: About 65

Rick and his brother Morty were taken to the shelter in New Braunfels after their owner passed away. Now they are in loving care of GRR.

Personality: Rick’s foster mom thinks he is housebroken, although he has had a few accidents in the house. This is likely an attention seeking behavior that he will stop once he settles in to this new life he finds himself in. He is baby gated into one room when left alone and at night. Rick barked and whined at bedtime for a good hour his first couple nights in his foster home, but he is already barking less and less.

Rick plays well with his buddy Morty but has not met any other dogs and has had no cat exposure. He rides well in the car and would love to ride “shot gun” but will settle quietly into the back seat. He’s great on the leash, walking politely alongside or slightly ahead of his foster mom, stopping immediately when she stops.

Rick is great in the house, settling down quietly when the people are settled. He will get up and follow anyone who is walking around the house. He obviously misses his owner. He likes to play with a ball and will bring it back and drop it. He has also grown attached to a fuzzy stuffed moose.

When it comes to grooming, he can be a wiggle worm. Baths aren’t his thing but he’s cooperative when being brushed. The fact that he loves to roll around the grass, so a bath doesn’t last long! He is pretty easy going with a medium energy level, is very outgoing around people. He really loves people!

Ideal Home: Rick would do great in an active household with a family that will work on training. He’s such a sweet boy and his biggest joy is to get comfortable with and love his humans. Rick is so very bonded with his brother Morty, which can be see by the fact that the traits shown in their stories are almost identical. It would be best for them to be adopted together. They need a kind family that understands their love for each other and is willing to adopt them both.

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