Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 16-023

Status: Adopted

Type of Surrender: Owner surrender – OTI San Antonio

Age: 6

Weight: 73.7 (goal 80 lbs)


Due to some fortunate twists of fate, beautiful, sweet Quincy has ended up with GRR and he is ready to take the journey to a new, better life. It seems his first years were as an outdoor dog, which has made him not just tough, but as strong as an ox! He’s ready to use these assets, along with his charming personality in his quest to start over as a lucky someone’s loving family member.

Right now Quincy has a lot of things to get used to as he makes his journey to a new life, including being allowed in the house. He’s a little nervous when he’s indoors right now, but once he learns what good things go on inside the house, all will be right with the world!

Quincy is a delightful, gentle and happy dog and judging by that tail wag, he loves everyone, especially those who touch him and love on him. Cats? Not so much! His favorite toys are balls and he likes the company of other dogs. He loves to make your acquaintance with a strong handshake and smiling face.

Ideal Home:

Quincy needs a home where he can learn to chill out inside the house, too, not just outside. He’s just waiting to discover what the world of a truly loved and cared for Golden Retriever is all about. He’s very lonely and a loving family that has someone who is able stay home with him during the day would be perfect.

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